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ADMINISTRATOR:  This video represents the truth of what happened pre and post flood i.e. “Approximately” about 4,200 yrs ago. I personally found it very interesting, and surprisingly accurate. The reproduction has been considerably distorted, but the “TRUTH” is in there. Please persevere and watch this video whilst thinking of the what happened before Jesus birth and death on the cross, and when did the Earth produce people, i.e. “when did it all begin”. We Humans, and all living things have been on this Earth for “Very” near 6,000 yrs, not “Billions” or “Trillions”. This is the main criteria for understand God’s Word the Bible, and the “TRUTH” that lies within. We are about to enter the 7 year Tribulation Period as forecast by God in his Word the Bible i.e. Revelation Ch 6 to 22; Don’t be fooled by Satan and the Evil people of this World, for they know they are lost, and like the demons they want to have company in “Hell” for Eternity. Search the Truth, and remember God’s words, John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Keep looking forward to the blessed hope, Jesus Christ, This World is passing away with “Sin”, but God has plans for all that love him. don’t be fouled by the “Technology” of this world, The people of the past were, and they died.



The Pre-Flood WORLD (Documentary) | ANCIENT Mysteries, Atlantis, Freemasonry, Tubal Cain,


Published on Jan 21, 2017

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