The Fall of Babylon (May 2, 2019)

Published on May 2, 2019

Keep the Commandments of YHWH to be delivered through the great judgment upon Babylon! End times Bible prophecy is being fulfilled on a daily basis. As the Day of YHWH draws near, we will see a continual increase in extreme weather, natural disasters, and tribulation worldwide. News of these events are shown on this channel as a warning that we are in the last days of this era of great wickedness. Soon, the true Israelites as well as any Gentiles that were faithful to YHWH, shall inherit the earth in a new age of righteous rule and prosperity. Flee from iniquity before Jacob’s trouble while the door of mercy is still open! Shalom and YAH bless





“AFTER-Life”: The TRUTH About What Really Happens When You Die

Published on May 2, 2019

What really happens when you die??? Reincarnation, Purgatory, Nothing?? With so many different things that are said…what is the TRUTH??? The Truth about what happens when you die can be found in one place…The Holy Bible! Death is only the beginning and it’s my prayer if you don’t know where you are going that you take this message serious….your eternity depends on it. Help share this message with friends, family, etc that are caught up in this world and could care less about there eternity…Jesus loves them and wants them to go to Heaven.. Check out these statistics from a recent report: 55.3 Million People Die Each Year 151,600 people die each day 6,316 people die each hour 105 people die each minute Nearly two people die each second Im praying the person that needs to see this message see’s this today and makes the best decision of there eternity today…which is found only through Jesus Christ!!!!





As in the Days of Noah – 5/2/19

Published on May 2, 2019

As in the Days of Noah But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. – Matthew 24:37-39




John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6)
1Cor. 12:3 Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed: AND THAT NO MAN CAN SAY THAT JESUS IS THE LORD, BUT BY THE HOLY GHOST.
Eph. 1:13 In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,
Eph. 3:5 Which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit;
Eph. 4:30 And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption


Luke 12:37 Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself, and make them to sit down to meat, and will come forth and serve them
(Romans 12:2) to seek God’s will, the Lord says, Do not worry about what you’ll eat or drink or wear. But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well
(Matt. 6:31-33).
Rev. 3:10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth:





QUESTION:    I have always been taught that punishment is eternal, but after reading Matthew 10:28, I wonder about that. Matthew 10:28 says that Satan can destroy the soul… so that means its gone right? I do believe the fires in hell and the lake of fire are eternal, but I am a wondering about the soul. Also, is eternal life a gift we receive? Isn’t eternal life something that we achieve by being faithful to our Lord?
ANSWER:    The Greek word translated destroy in Matt. 10:28 literally means to put out of the way entirely. It comes from a root denoting the separation of a part from the whole. It’s sometimes used metaphorically to describe giving one over to eternal misery in Hell. So yes, the soul is gone, but that doesn’t mean it no longer exists.
According to John 3:16 and others, eternal life is a gift that we receive for believing that Jesus died for our sins. It’s not something we achieve as a result of maintaining some standard of behavior.

QUESTION:    I was surprised to see you state the following and this is the first time I’ve ever come across this perspective.
“This is why Jesus told His disciples not to fear those who can only kill the body, but rather fear him who can kill both body and soul (Matt. 10:28). He was talking about Satan of course, but those who reject the Lord’s pardon for their sins turn themselves over to Satan for his disposition”.
Did you understand the word in this verse to be Hades? The word for ‘Hell’ here is not Hades but Gehenna, where Satan will be tormented for ever as its his final destination. If the word for Hell was Hades, then your point would stick, but then again, maybe I’m missing something here. Please let me know. My understanding has been that once Satan is tossed into that Hell he is suffering himself, and will be too busy to be involved in anyone else’s torment. The Word says many times we are to “Fear the Lord” but not Satan. Surely “Him” in this verse refers to the Lord Himself? Am open, but can’t see what you see – please show me.
ANSWER:    I really think we’re splitting hairs here. God is the Author of life and doesn’t want any to perish but for all to come to repentance. Satan, on the other hand, introduced death into the world.
When man rejects God’s truth, it means that he accepts Satan’s lies. He believes Satan, follows him, and shares his destiny. When he spends eternity in the place prepared for the devil and his angels is it because God made him go there, or is it because Satan lied to him and caused him to wind up there? You may argue that it’s the man’s own fault, and I would agree with you. But who started him down the path that led to his spiritual death? Certainly it wasn’t God.
By the way, while confirming that the Greek word translated hell in Matt. 10:28 is indeed Gehenna, I also discovered that the personal pronoun for who ever it is we should fear is implied, not actual. Although it appears as “the one” in some translations and “him” in others, and some capitalize it while others don’t, it literally means “this” or “that” and is most often translated “which”. I believe the translators inserted the personal pronoun to show that our destiny is impacted by someone or something else, but it’s not at all clear that God should be the one.
Personally I would have translated it “fear that which can kill both body and soul” implying that we should fear making the wrong choice about God.

QUESTION:    I receive this by-monthly mag. with a question and answer/ letter area. One person wrote in that “she is very upset that her unsaved family and friends will spend eternity in torment and punishment! The author writes back that, when the unsaved person dies, after judgment he then is burned up into a pile of ashes!!! That the only eternal punishment is not having God in his life. There is no eternal pain and suffering per se. What is your opinion on this issue?
I am convinced that if that were all there is to the punishment, wouldn’t it be easier to live a worldly life, and at the time of judgment, suffer the few minutes it takes to just burn up. It can’t possibly be that easy.
Thank you for your articles. They are very informative, and very accurate. Thank you for your time . Have a blessed day.
ANSWER:    There are four schools of thought about the destiny of the unsaved. There called Traditional, Metaphorical, Purgatorial, and Conditional. The Metaphorical and Purgatorial views are absolutely at odds with Scripture so I”ll exclude them with out comment. That leaves two.
The Traditional view is that the unsaved spend eternity separated from God in a place of torment. Until recently this was the only orthodox view. But now some teach a Conditional view. This view holds that God is too kind to make people suffer forever so at the Great White Throne judgment, He judges unbelievers according to the quality of their lives and levies punishment suitable to their works, less for those who did lots of good things, and more for those who did little or none. After they’ve served their time of punishment, they’re destroyed and cease to exist in any form. So no one is immediately destroyed, but the time of torment for some is less than for others. It’s conditional upon their behaviour.
Conditionalists, as they’re called, say that this view is in harmony with the nature of God. Each sinner gets exactly what he or she deserves and even the worst sinner is mercifully destroyed after a time. This view also parallels the price Jesus paid for believers’ sins. Suffering and death, not eternal torment.



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1Th. 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; THEN SUDDEN DESTRUCTION COMETH UPON THEM, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape






2Chr. 7:13 If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;
2Chr. 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land


Matt. 24:9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.
Matt. 24:10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another







Titus 2:11 ¶ For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,
Titus 2:12 Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;
Titus 2:13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;
Titus 2:14 Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works


Matt. 24:6 And ye shall hear of WARS AND RUMOURS OF WARS: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
Matt. 24:7 FOR NATION SHALL RISE AGAINST NATION, AND KINGDOM AGAINST KINGDOM: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
Matt. 24:8 All these are the beginning of sorrows




Matt. 24:6 And ye shall hear of WARS AND RUMOURS OF WARS:
Muslim Countries in the Middle East will launch an attack on Israel
PROPHECY OF ELAM – (Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Program
EZEKIEL 38 & 39
THE WAR OF GOG OF MAGOG – A coalition of Nations led by Russia, Iran, and Turkey to attack Israel


“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, andthe life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6)
so won’t you accept Jesus now and be removed from that event and live forever with Jesus in the Family of God?
2 “(For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.)” (2nd Corinthians 2:6)




POSTED BY Michael Snyder –

On Wednesday afternoon, senior U.S. officials gathered at the White House to discuss possible military options for Venezuela.  Meanwhile, the Russians are warning of grave consequences if the U.S. invades, and so the stage is being set for a potential showdown between the world’s two foremost military powers.  Previously, administration officials had hoped that the Venezuelan people would rally around Juan Guaido to such a degree that it would not require military intervention to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, but that hasn’t happened.  In fact, Guaido’s big push to start a revolution in the streets over the past few days has ended up being a total flop.  The following comes from Yahoo News
Guaido had called for the “largest march” in Venezuela’s history and said on Twitter that “millions of Venezuelans” were in the streets in “this final phase” of his move to oust Maduro.
But by late afternoon, many of the protesters in the capital Caracas were drifting home.
Despite Guaido’s calls for the military to support him, the armed forces leadership has so far remained loyal to Maduro, who has been in power since 2013.
In the long-term, the situation in Venezuela isn’t going to change much if the U.S. is able to replace one socialist president (Maduro) with another socialist president (Guaido).  Socialism always ends badly, and the people of Venezuela are going to have to decide for themselves that they don’t want socialism any longer.
But that isn’t what this is about.  U.S. officials have decided that it is time to impose their will on the people of Venezuela, and they have determined that Maduro must go.  If Guaido cannot create a successful internal revolution, then other options will be explored.
And as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, there was a very, very important gathering of top U.S. officials at the White House on Wednesday afternoon
Senior U.S. administration officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford, and National Security Advisor John Bolton, will meet at the White House Wednesday afternoon. With the situation on the ground still “extraordinarily fluid,” according to Shanahan, the U.S. says it is still weighing military options.
Don’t you wish that you could have been a fly on the wall for that meeting?
Of course we already know what Pompeo and Bolton are thinking.  This is what Pompeo just told Fox Business
“Military action is possible. If that’s what’s required, that’s what the United States will do.”
In other words, if Guaido can’t get the job done, our boys and girls are going in.
And John Bolton has repeatedly insisted that “all options are on the table” regarding Venezuela, and he just told reporters the following about potential Russian interference
“This is our hemisphere,” he told reporters outside the White House. “It’s not where the Russians ought to be interfering. This is a mistake on their part. It’s not going to lead to an improvement of relations.”
So precisely what would Bolton like us to do about it?
The Russians already have troops and military equipment in Venezuela, and they are there with the permission of the Venezuelan government.  Does Bolton really want us to attack and risk a war with Russia?
And for what?  Venezuela certainly has a lot of oil, but the truth is that there is no fundamental national security interest at stake in Venezuela.
Unfortunately, there is a growing consensus in Washington that something must be done about Venezuela, and the hysteria has already reached absolutely ridiculous levels.  For example, just consider the words of U.S. Senator Rick Scott
“Here is what is going to happen. We are in the process, if we don’t win today, we are going to have Syria in this hemisphere. So, we can make sure something happens now, or we can deal with this for decades to come. If we care about families, if we care about the human race, if we care about fellow worldwide citizens, then we’ve got to step up and stop this genocide.”
Did you catch that?
Apparently, if you are not in favor of a U.S. invasion of Venezuela, you don’t “care about families” and you don’t “care about the human race” either.
In response to those comments, this is what Tucker Carlson had to say
When was the last time we successfully meddled in the political life of another country? Has it ever worked? How are the democracies we set up in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria, and Afghanistan right now? How would Venezuela be different? Please explain — and take your time.
Are we prepared for the refugees a Venezuelan war would inevitably produce? A study by the Brookings Institution found that the collapse of the Venezuelan government could force eight million people to leave the country. Many of them would come here. Lawmakers in this country propose giving them temporary protected status that would let even illegal arrivals live and work here, in effect, permanently, as many have before, with no fear of deportation. Are we prepared for that?
If we are going to ask members of our military to shed their blood, it had better be for a really, really good reason.
And switching out one socialist leader for another socialist leader in Venezuela definitely does not qualify.
Of course that is the best case scenario.
In a worst case scenario, a U.S. military invasion of Venezuela would spark a war with Russia, and the Russians are making it very clear that there will be “grave consequences” if we attack…
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Pompeo by phone on Wednesday that further “aggressive steps” in Venezuela would have grave consequences, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said.
Meanwhile, the U.S. is getting dangerously close to war with Iran as well.  The Iranians are threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz in retaliation for Washington cutting off all their oil exports, and if the Strait of Hormuz gets shut down all hell could break loose.
U.S. officials want to “get tough” with all of our enemies around the world, and that is fine as long as you know what are you doing.
Because even one miscalculation can result in missiles flying back and forth, and once peace is taken from the Earth things could get wildly out of control very rapidly.
So let us hope that cooler heads prevail, because right now we are quickly approaching a tipping point.



Lavrov to Pompeo: US Interference in Venezuela’s Affairs Breach of Int’l Law
Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated the US’ earlier threats to use force in Venezuela to overthrow the democratically elected government “if that’s what’s required.”
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned his US counterpart Mike Pompeo that the continuation of the US’ “aggressive steps” toward Venezuela is fraught with “serious consequences.”
“It was indicated that the continuation of aggressive steps is fraught with the most serious consequences. Only the Venezuelan people have the right to determine their destiny, for which dialogue between all political forces in the country is needed, and for which the government has long called for. Destructive pressure from outside, especially force, has nothing to do with the democratic process,” Lavrov said, according to a statement summarising his remarks which was published on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website.
Lavrov spoke to Pompeo by telephone on Wednesday, one day after Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido announced the beginning of the “final phase” in the opposition’s bid to seize power in the Latin American country.
The telephone call was requested by the US, with other issues, including future Russian-US diplomatic contacts, and the humanitarian situation in Syria also touched upon, according to the foreign ministry.
Earlier, Secretary Pompeo said that while the US would prefer to see a peaceful ‘transition’ in Venezuela, it would not take the military option off the table.
“Military action is possible. If that’s what’s required, that’s what the United States will do,” Pompeo said. Earlier, the Russian foreign ministry dismissed Pompeo’s claim that Moscow supposedly convinced President Nicolas Maduro not to flee his country for Cuba. Foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the claim a ‘fake’ that was just part of the US information war aimed against the Latin American country. Venezuelan officials similarly dismissed Pompeo’s claim as “fake news,” adding that they demonstrated the failure of the ‘US-backed coup attempt.’
On Tuesday, Venezuela’s opposition gathered in Caracas, calling on the military to join them for the “final phase” of their “Operation Freedom” campaign to oust the Maduro government. Clashes between the opposition and the security forces left at least 69 people injured, and prompted President Maduro to announce on television that he had appointed prosecutors to investigate an attempted coup in the country.
Trump Speaks on the Crisis in Venezuela, Warns Maduro: “A Lot of Things Are Going to be Happening This Week, Maybe Sooner”
President Trump joined Trish Regan on Wednesday night on Trish Regan Primetime.
President Trump discussed the ongoing humanitarian and political crisis in Venezuela. President Trump warned the current Socialist leaders, “It’s just a terrible situation… All options are on the table. We want to help people… A lot of things are going to be happening in the next week, maybe sooner.
On Wednesday National Security Advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said all options are on the table in regards to Venezuela including military action.



In Holocaust memorial address, PM denounces ‘systematic vilification’ of Israel
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday vowed that Israel “will not present its neck for the slaughter in the face of threats of destruction,” criticizing the Iranian regime and rising anti-Semitism — often dressed up as criticism of Israel — as the chief dangers to the Jews and the Jewish state today.
Speaking at a state ceremony in Jerusalem marking Holocaust Remembrance Day, Netanyahu singled out a cartoon that appeared in The New York Times as part of “systematic, dishonest vilification” of Israel.
“In exile our abysmal weakness doomed us to our fate,” he said at the Yad Vashem memorial museum. “In our homeland the strength we’ve built has made us a rising world power. Many — a great many — desire closer relations with us.”
But the premier also warned that side-by-side with such great admiration for Israel was “a rising hatred of Jews in certain circles.”
“The extreme right, the extreme left and extremist Islam agree on one thing only: on hatred of the Jews,” he said. “This hatred is expressed in despicable attacks on worshipers at synagogues, as took place a few days ago in San Diego and before that in Pittsburgh; in the desecration of Jewish cemeteries and in the publication of caricatures and article dripping with hate, even in newspapers considered respectable.”
In the latter comment Netanyahu was referring to The New York Times’ publication of a cartoon which the paper has since acknowledged was anti-Semitic and has apologized repeatedly for. The cartoon featured Netanyahu as a dog and wearing a Star of David pendant leading a blind US President Donald Trump, dressed as an Orthodox Jew.
“We are not speaking of legitimate criticism of Israel, I wouldn’t linger on it if it were that,” he said, “But systematic, lying vilification that incessantly undermines the legitimacy of the Jewish nation state, and it alone. It’s an insufferable hypocrisy and cannot be accepted.”
As he has often done in recent years in his speeches marking Holocaust remembrance, Netanyahu framed Iran as the greatest current threat to the Jewish people.
“Iran sends threats of destruction our way day and night. We do not ignore these threats but we are not cowed by them,” he stated. “In the face of Iran our policy is clear. On the military front: resolutely blocking Iran’s attempts to entrench itself militarily near our border. On the political front: pressure, pressure and more pressure.”
He thanked Trump for his policies vis-à-vis Tehran, for quitting the “dangerous” nuclear deal, renewing sanctions and for most recently proclaiming Iran’s Revolutionary Guards a terror organization.
“Contrary to what occurred during the Holocaust, we are capable and intent on protecting ourselves, by ourselves,” he said. “Contrary to what occurred during the Holocaust we are building alliances against the dictatorial regime that is threatening us, many nations in our region, international shipping lanes and the security of the entire world.
“To those who wish us ill I say in this of all places, we have returned to the historical stage, to the forefront of the stage. We’ve defeated our enemies before and God willing we’ll beat you too,” he said.
Speaking before him, President Reuven Rivlin seemed to chide Netanyahu for being willing to forge alliances with European governments that have refused to fully account for their crimes during the Holocaust.
No interest and no consideration of realpolitik can justify a dishonorable alliance with racist groups or elements who do not acknowledge their past and their responsibility for the crimes of the Holocaust,” he said.
But Netanyahu appeared to push back, touting “unprecedented appreciation [for Israel] in those very same nations whose soil is soaked with the blood of our brothers and sisters.”
Recounting his visits to Holocaust memorials around the world, said he had felt “tremendous pain for the terrible disaster that came upon us” but at the same time “enormous pride to represent our people, which rose from the ashes in our independent nation.”



With Shoah speech attacking Iran and NY Times, PM displays post-election resolve
In a fiery, spellbinding performance of less than 20 minutes on Wednesday night, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showcased the oratorial mastery that helped him win reelection just three weeks ago, and showcased, too, his personal conviction that he is uniquely qualified to lead the Jewish state.
Addressing the nation at the start of the annual Holocaust Remembrance Day, Netanyahu delivered an address that built from astonishing stories of Holocaust suffering and heroism, as told to him by a group of survivors with whom he had met on Tuesday, to a resounding assertion of Israel’s legitimacy and denunciation of its critics.
Speaking at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem to a large audience that heard him in absolute silence, and to a nation watching on TV, the prime minister hailed survivors such as Fanny Ben-Ami, who as a 13-year-old led a group of children to safety in Switzerland from France but who turned back when she realized that a three-year-old girl in their group had been left behind in the demilitarized zone. “Fanny went back to get her,” the prime minister marveled; she “zig-zagged under gunfire” to bring the toddler to safety: “An angel of salvation, aged 13.”
He went on to detail visits he has made in recent years to European countries “whose land is soaked with the blood of our brothers and sisters, and where we were turned into human dust,” but that have today become some of Israel’s greatest admirers and supporters. In these lands, he said, “I felt terrible pain at the disaster that befell us,” but simultaneously “immense pride to represent our people, that rose from the ashes in our independent state.”
Unable to protect themselves, millions of Jews in the Diaspora were condemned to their deaths, he recalled bitterly. “In exile, our abysmal weakness doomed us to our fate.” But now, restored to their homeland, the Jews have achieved “a miracle of revival” and their country has become a rising world power.
For all of Israel’s achievements, Netanyahu said, it dare not be complacent in the face of its enemies. This assertion, he insisted, preempting critics who accuse him of whipping up fear among Israelis, was not a case of “artificial scaremongering.” Even the greatest world powers must always be aware of the dangers they face, he noted. Indeed, “awareness of danger is a condition for living.”
The “paradox” of Israel’s revival, he said, was that it has been accompanied by an ongoing rise in anti-Semitism. “The extreme right, the extreme left and extremist Islam,” he said, “agree on only one thing: hatred of the Jews.”
“This hatred is expressed in despicable attacks on worshippers at synagogues, as took place a few days ago in San Diego and before that in Pittsburgh; in the desecration of Jewish cemeteries, and in the publication of caricatures and article dripping with hate, even in newspapers considered respectable ” — a reference to last week’s anti-Semitic cartoon in the New York showing Israeli guide-dog Netanyahu leading a blind US President Donald Trump.
Such material was not legitimate criticism, he argued, but “hatred — systematic, poisonous, false — aiming relentlessly to undermine the legitimacy of the Jewish nation state.”
As he has done year after year in these annual Holocaust Day speeches, Netanyahu cited Iran as the latest entity seeking to eliminate the Jewish nation, and declared that “Israel will not present its neck for the slaughter.” Rather, it would defend itself, with one of the world’s strongest armies, he said. “To those who seek to wipe us out, I say, precisely from this place: We have returned to the stage of history, to the front of the stage… We have beaten our enemies in the past, and with God’s help we will beat you.”
Netanyahu also believes he had to win because he is certain that he, and only he, can keep this country safe and thriving in the face of its enemies. Wednesday night’s blistering speech was almost incandescent proof of that.



by Mark Nestmann
The Frontlines in the War on Cash
Let’s face it, many forces are pushing for the abolition of – or at least serious restrictions on – cash.
Many businesses hate cash, because cash transactions take longer to process, and large quantities of cash pose a security risk. If you travel by air, you’ve experienced this first-hand. “Cashless cabins” are the rule for most airlines. You must purchase every glass of wine, cheese dip, or package of mixed nuts with a credit or debit card.
In Atlanta, you can’t even buy a hot dog at a pro football or soccer game with cash. In March, the operators of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United, announced it would no longer accept cash at food and beverage concession stands.
Credit card companies hate cash too. And for obvious reasons – they get a cut of every purchase through the fees they charge businesses. So it’s no surprise that in 2017, Visa announced its “Cashless Challenge” and gave $10,000 to 50 small businesses that stopped accepting cash payments.
Big brother hates cash, too. For decades, governments around the globe have engaged in a War on Cash. The original justification for this war was to fight racketeering. The War on Cash then morphed into the War on Drugs, the War on Money Laundering, and subsequently, the War on Terror.
Numerous countries have placed severe limits on how much cash you can spend at one time.
Spain and France have banned cash transactions over €1,000. If you want to spend more than that, you must use a debit card, credit card, a non-transferrable check, or pay by bank transfer. In Italy, where the cash limit is €3,000, violations are punished by confiscation of up to 40% of the amount paid. In Spain, you lose “only” 25% of your cash if you violate the rules. Similar restrictions are in place in most EU countries. Later this year, Australia will ban cash transactions larger than AU$10,000 (about US$7,500).
The most ambitious effort to restrict the use of cash, though, has been in India. In 2016, the national government made 86% of the country’s cash worthless with the stroke of a pen by withdrawing all 500- and 1000-rupee notes from circulation.
The transition was anything but smooth. Tens of millions of Indian citizens without bank accounts found themselves unable to pay for daily necessities. Dozens of them died.
At the same time, it’s getting harder to get access to cash. In Sweden, hundreds of ATMs have been removed, forcing individuals who need cash to drive for miles to find one.
Some economists want to abolish cash. Harvard Professor Kenneth Rogoff argues that we need to rid the world of cash so the world’s central banks can more easily “go negative” (i.e. impose negative interest rates on savers). This initiative, he argues, would go a long way toward propping up the global economy in the event of a serious recession.
And Citigroup Chief Economist Willem Buiter made headlines in 2015 when he proposed abolishing cash to allow banks to impose negative interest rates. He suggested imposing negative annual interest rates as low as -6% in financial crises, to force banks to lend and consumers to spend.
In a cashless world with negative interest rates, governments would effectively flush out any hidden or saved wealth. You can’t save money, because negative interest rates mean you’re paying the bank. You can’t withdraw it or keep it under a mattress, because that’s impossible when there is no such thing as cash.
Not to mention what might happen if hackers succeed in infiltrating the global payments system and shut it down. Without cash, the global economy would quickly grind to a halt


Huge earthquake series currently swarms the Philippines with scientists saying it may lead to the NEXT ‘Big One’
A series of earthquakes is currently being monitored offshore Surigao del Norte, Philippines. This earthquake swarm started with a magnitude 5.5 earthquake on 26 April 2019. As of 5:00 AM (PST) on 30 April, the Philippine Seismic Network had already recorded 728 events with magnitudes ranging between 1.5-5.5, and clustering in the same area/vicinity.
These events are associated with the ongoing subduction of the Philippine Sea Plate along the Philippine Trench.
At this early stage, the current earthquake activity may indicate two scenarios: 
  • it may continue with its present activity and eventually wane in the next few days, 
  • the swarm may culminate into a larger and destructive earthquake.
The swarm is still ongoing today.
The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology DOST-PHIVOLCS is continuously monitoring. 
People in the area should prepare for the worst and stay informed. Regular updates will be posted on their website and official social media accounts.



Ebola situation worsening while support lags
Statement from WHO High-Level Mission to Butembo, DRC
WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and WHO Regional Director for Africa, Dr Matshidiso Moeti, have concluded a visit to Butembo, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was in Butembo on 19 April that WHO epidemiologist Dr Richard Mouzoko was killed by armed men while he and colleagues were working on the Ebola response. 
“Dr Mouzoko’s death moved me profoundly. On this mission, he was on my mind the whole time as we met with other dedicated colleagues. I am also profoundly worried about the situation. Cases are increasing because of violent acts that set us back each time. We have already begun to adjust our response.”  
Dr Tedros and Dr Moeti traveled to Butembo to express their gratitude and show support to WHO and partner organization staff, while also assessing the next steps needed to strengthen both security and the Ebola response effort. They also met with local political, business and religious leaders, and called on them to accelerate their efforts to stabilize the surrounding environment.
They urged the international community to step up support to contain the Ebola outbreak, including filling the funding gap that threatens to stymie the Ebola response.
Most Ebola response activities, including community engagement, vaccination, and case investigation, have been re-launched following a slowdown in the wake of the attack that left Dr. Mouzoko dead and two people injured. However, they expressed deep concern that a rise in reported cases in recent weeks is straining resources even further. 
“We are entering a phase where we will need major shifts in the response,” said Dr Tedros. WHO and partners cannot tackle these challenges without the international community stepping in to fill the sizeable funding gap.” 
Only half of the currently requested funds have been received, which could lead to WHO and partners rolling back some activities precisely when they are most needed. 
“We will continue to adjust the response, as we have done for each context in each community,” said Dr Moeti. “This worrisome rise in cases is a further call to action. In the end, it is only through the ownership by all the affected communities that the outbreak will end. Some would have Ebola drive us apart. We can only defeat it if we all work together.”




Bill Wilson –
Daily Jot readers are expressing their frustration about the nation: “A few months ago, I heard a youthful friend glibly say, “Well if we lose our freedom, we’ll still have Jesus.” My stomach curdled at those words as I thought, “You have no idea of what you speak.”… “I write the congress people, but they don’t care and just send back ‘thank you ‘ letters, etc. So I guess most people feel that they can’t do anything. We sign petitions that get passed around. What good do they do? News writes what they want and most people don’t even get the true stories. Any suggestions for people?”… “What can I do to make a difference? I have written letters over the years to politicians. Seems to never make a difference…What more can I do?”
First off, we have to recognise the con game. Politicians encourage you to write or fax so that they can get your information and build a list on various issues. That way they can contact you to show you what a good job they are doing on issues of your interest. Organisations use petitions to get your name and email so they can raise money from you. Generally speaking, neither the politicians nor the lobbyists care a thing about what you think, they just want your information for their own purposes. Christian organisations are just as guilty. So beware. Your opinion doesn’t matter much, just your money and your information. Having confirmed why writing and signing is not effective, what to do?
Mark 8:34 says,
“And Jesus called the crowds with his disciples, and he said to them, “Whoever is willing to come after me, let him renounce himself and take up his cross and let him come after me.”
The cross was very offensive because it represented the worst of torture and death reserved for the worst of people. Christ was saying that following him will be difficult. Turning a nation back to God is also difficult. Much of the church has become like the world. Many Christians are apathetic. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is overused and underplayed. We are a whole lot about action that takes place from a computer or a chair, but we need to be about Ephesians 6:13, “having done all, to stand.” That is much harder.
Getting rid of the problem before us is like the example Christ gave regarding the demon that could not be driven out, only by prayer and fasting. Pray and fast for our nation. Beyond that we have to take action. So many will say that if you organise and take to the streets, you are being rebellious.
I say that if we stand together overcoming evil with good, and we do it publicly in great numbers, we are not in rebellion, but crushing a satanic rebellion that has been allowed far too long. We need to put our arms and legs and voices in motion—in numbers. We need to be men and women of God speaking boldly as we ought to speak.
Let us be mindful of these things as we repent and pray for our nation.


Philippians 4:8-9
Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things. The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you.



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