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Published on May 25, 2019

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Matthew 24:3-14 3 Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” 4 And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. 6 And you will hear of wars and rumours of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all[a] these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences,[b] and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows. 9 “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. 10 And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another.
11 Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. 12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. 13 But he who endures to the end shall be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.





Why China Is Not Backing Down in the Trade War | who is win ?? 😪😪😪

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Why China Is Not Backing Down in the Trade War And what it means for Washington. the past couple of weeks have seen a dramatic downturn in the U.S.-China trade negotiations wiping out over $1 trillion of the global stock markets. It’s tempting to think the economic ramifications will motivate negotiators on both sides to quickly come back to a deal. But the latest developments suggest that we should instead expect a lot more turbulence ahead. The same videos you want to watch How China Began World War III in the South China Sea





Prophecy Update 5-23-19


Published on May 23, 2019

Rock Harbor Prophecy Update






Matt. 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be
so won’t you accept Jesus now and be removed from that event and live forever with Jesus in the Family of God?
2 “(For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.)” (2nd Corinthians 2:6)
John 18:37 Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice






QUESTION:    What do you think Yeshua looked like? I know it really doesn’t matter. However, as a practicing and obedient (to the Law of Moses) Jew, would He have had long hair or, perhaps short hair with the long curls on each side? What would he have worn as clothing? In many Protestant churches, there are portraits depicting Him with long straight brown hair, beard and very frail looking. I PERSONALLY BELIEVE THERE SHOULD BE NO LIKENESS OF OUR LORD displayed since we don’t really know what He looked like and it may be a violation of the 2nd Commandment.
ANSWER:   Even though many artistic renderings of Him give Him more of a Caucasian look, Jesus was a Jewish man and most likely had a typical Middle Eastern appearance. According to the Bible He wore a long robe that extended from his shoulders to His ankles with a shawl-like outer garment that could be pulled over his head to protect Him from the heat of the day and the cool of the night. Being a carpenter by trade and accustomed to outdoor life, I don’t see Him as a frail person, but that’s just my opinion.
Most Jewish men of His time wore their hair and beards long, unless they had adopted the Hellenistic style of the day which favored being clean shaven with short hair and shorter garments. Religious Jews rejected the Hellenistic style, and I think Jesus most likely did, too.
The only way having a portrait of Jesus would violate the 2nd Commandment is if one were to make into an object of worship. Having an image of something does not violate the commandment, it’s turning the image into an idol and bowing down to worship it that violates the commandment. Otherwise every painting, drawing, photo, statue, movie or video would be a sin.

QUESTION:    I’ve never seen anyone address this question: I know that Jesus was a Nazarene, but because He was specially sanctified for the task He came to perform, was He a Nazarite as well?
ANSWER:   According to Numbers 6:2-8 a person taking a Nazarite vow was required to do the following;
“When either a man or a woman makes a special vow, the vow of a Nazirite, to separate himself to the Lord, he shall separate himself from wine and strong drink. He shall drink no vinegar made from wine or strong drink and shall not drink any juice of grapes or eat grapes, fresh or dried. All the days of his separation he shall eat nothing that is produced by the grapevine, not even the seeds or the skins.
“All the days of his vow of separation, no razor shall touch his head. Until the time is completed for which he separates himself to the Lord, he shall be holy. He shall let the locks of hair of his head grow long.
“All the days that he separates himself to the Lord he shall not go near a dead body. Not even for his father or for his mother, for brother or sister, if they die, shall he make himself unclean, because his separation to God is on his head. All the days of his separation he is holy to the Lord.”
Had Jesus taken the Nazarite vow, He would have violated these provisions at various times throughout His ministry. THEREFORE I DON’T BELIEVE HE DID.



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Zech. 12:2 Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.








2Chr. 7:13 If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;
2Chr. 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land


Matt. 24:9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.
Matt. 24:10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another

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Matt. 24:6 And ye shall hear of WARS AND RUMOURS OF WARS:
Muslim Countries in the Middle East will launch an attack on Israel
PROPHECY OF ELAM – (Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Program
EZEKIEL 38 & 39



If I said, “Tensions are running high in the Middle East,” most Americans would yawn and reply, “So? What else is new? Tensions in the Middle East have been going back and forth between a simmer and a boil for the last hundred years.”
But this time the United States sent an aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, and its carrier strike group. This time there have been credible threats against US forces in Iraq. The Iran-sponsored Shia Muslim militias that helped rid Iraq of ISIS are now being repurposed for attacks on US troops in the region.
Iran’s goal is to get the US involved in a ground war against those Shia militias in Iraq. They do not want to face an American assault on their homeland. But President Trump has made it clear that if Iran-sponsored groups hit American forces, this country will retaliate against Iran itself. That threat alone may be enough to keep war at bay — for now.
But the radical Muslim leaders of Iran are not known for giving up. While they know than can’t withstand a direct assault by the United States, they will push America to the edge again and again. And they will not quit.
They are responsible for the catastrophe in Yemen where some 16 million people are at this moment in danger of starvation. Numerous aid agencies are trying to help, but the Houthi rebels steal the aid for their own use. Like other Shiite Muslim terrorists in the Middle East, the Houthis are financed and directed by the government of Iran. The Iranians could stop the catastrophe any time they want. But they don’t seem to care about the people of Yemen. They just want to keep control of the land near the Gulf of Aiden and the Bab-el-Mandeb strait. 
Iran has long been considered the world’s leading state sponsor of terror. That’s growing worse, not better. Recently, the US State Department designated Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization. 
Iran is a close ally with North Korea. Iranian missiles use technology developed in North Korea. And North Korea now has intercontinental ballistic missiles in its arsenal. Have they shared that technology with Iran? 
With North Korea’s financial predicament, it’s seems almost certain that they have. We also know about Iran’s obsession with nuclear weapons. Intelligence sources say that Iran’s North Korean friends have at least a hundred of those. The combination of ICBMs and nuclear weapons in Iranian hands would put the whole world in danger.
Iran is Shia Muslim. Their bitter enemies are the Sunni Muslims. Iranian pursuit of nuclear weapons has pushed several Sunni nations in the Middle East to actively seek nuclear weapons of their own. To get such weapons, Saudi Arabia and others in the region can skip the long process of developing them. They can surreptitiously buy them from their fellow Sunni Muslims in Pakistan, one of the world’s nuclear powers.
The dynamics of all of this changed dramatically when Iran convinced mighty Russia to join them as an ally. The Chinese also remain on good terms with Iran. The ancient conflict between rival Shiite and Sunni Muslim groups is now a major destabilizing force in global politics.
All of these events fit into the geopolitical pattern described in the Bible for the last days.
Don’t be discouraged by that. Be encouraged. It proves again that we can trust the Bible with our lives. Its warnings are again proving accurate. That is yet another reason to trust the Bible’s positive messages. Jesus is coming again, and He’s coming soon! In the meantime, all the Bible’s promises remain in effect — promises from God to you. So take heart!



Iran is prepared to deploy ‘secret weapons’ against American warships, a military official in Tehran said, after the Pentagon sent three destroyers to the Persian Gulf amid a wave of increased tensions between the two states.
Without mincing words, General Morteza Qorbani, an adviser to Iran’s military command, cautioned that should Washington “commit the slightest stupidity, we will send these ships to the bottom of the sea along with their crew and planes.”
Iran, he promised, would do so “using two missiles or two new secret weapons.” He did not specify what type of “secret weapons” he was referring to.
The US earlier deployed three guided-missile destroyers, the USS McFaul, USS Gonzalez, USS Mason, to the Persian Gulf, with the last warship crossing the Strait of Hormuz this week. They joined the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group, which has been cruising off the coast of Oman, near the Gulf, since early May.
Although General Qorbani did not provide details of the weapons he mentioned, in recent months the nation has been showcasing its newest ships and submarines, as well as its naval firepower. In February, Tehran unveiled and successfully tested its new Hoveizeh long-range cruise missile, which is said to have a range of over 1,350 kilometers.
In the same month, Tehran launched the massive Velayat 97 naval drill, with maneuvers spanning from the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman to the northern Indian Ocean. During the drill, a midget Ghadir-class submarine fired an anti-ship cruise missile for the first time.



Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Saturday that the U.S. decision to deploy more troops to the Middle East in response to the perceived threat from Iran was “extremely dangerous” for peace.
The United States said it was sending 1,500 troops to region in what it called an effort to bolster defenses against Tehran, and it accused Iran’s Revolutionary Guards of direct responsibility for attacks on tankers this month.
“The Americans have made such allegations to justify their hostile policies and to raise tensions in the Persian Gulf,” Zarif told state news agency IRNA.
“Increased U.S. presence in our region is extremely dangerous and it threatens international peace and security, and this should be addressed,” he said.
U.S. President Donald Trump also invoked the threat from Iran to declare a national security-related emergency that would clear the sale of billions of dollars’ worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries without congressional approval.
It follows decisions to speed up the deployment of an aircraft carrier strike group as well as to send bombers and additional Patriot missiles to the Middle East.
Following U.S. media reports that Zarif had met Senator Dianne Feinstein during a U.S. visit last month, Iran’s Foreign Ministry said informative talks were common and did not involve negotiations.
Separately, a Revolutionary Guards commander said the security of the Strait of Hormuz, a key oil shipping route, was linked to Iran being able to export its oil, the semi-official news agency Fars reported.
“Major General Gholamali Rashid said that talking about security and stability in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz is not possible without considering the interests of the Iranian nation, including the export of oil,” Fars said.
Iran has threatened to disrupt oil shipments through the Strait of Hormuz if the United States tries to strangle Tehran’s economy by halting its oil exports through increased sanctions.



EU Establishment Set For Popular Rebuke In Elections
Via The Strategic Culture Foundation,
Over this weekend 28 member states of the European Union go to the polls in an impressive exercise of democracy. Polling takes place over four days, ending on Sunday. The full results won’t be finalized until next week. But already it is widely anticipated that so-called populist parties across the bloc will make significant gains in winning seats in the 751-member chamber of the European Parliament.
One glaring anomaly is that Britain is participating in these elections, even though, in theory, it was supposed to have departed the EU in March. The Brexit wrangling has persisted without a clear result, meaning that the United Kingdom is obliged to hold EU parliamentary elections like the other 27 member states. European parliamentarians elected in Britain may not actually take their seats in Brussels or Strasburg because the Brexit process when complete – whenever that happens – will make their seats redundant.
Another anomaly is that the 2019 elections have been overshadowed with political and media claims in the run-up to the polls that Russia would launch an “interference campaign” to sway voters to vote for political parties opposed to the EU status quo.
Yet on the eve of the ballots being cast, Western news media and various EU security pundits have had to admit that there has been no evidence of the anticipated “Kremlin influence campaign”. Such an alleged Russian meddling campaign in the EU is an echo of the long-running, baseless narrative applied to the US presidential elections in 2016. No evidence has ever been produced to substantiate either scenario.
Russia has consistently and vehemently denied any such notion of “peddling influence” over Western voters. But the great anomaly is that Western media and European security agencies are having to admit that there is no indication that Russia has targeted the EU elections with a campaign of media interference.
The rise of nationalist, anti-immigrant, Eurosceptic, anti-austerity, anti-war, anti-capitalist political movements across Europe is simply due to this: a surge in anti-establishment parties. The surge of protests among European citizens against a neoliberal establishment has nothing to do with alleged “Russian interference” and everything to do with an inherent democratic deficit in the 28-member bloc.
By trying to blame Russia for “malignly influencing” EU citizens and funding “anti-EU parties”, as the government scandal in Austria sought to do this week, is an act of desperate denial politics by the EU establishment as to its own dire political and economic failings. Such official denial and scapegoating of Moscow is only fueling even more popular protest and instability within the EU.
French President Emmanuel Macron this week typically blamed “collusion between nationalist parties and foreign interests for threatening the existence of Europe”. Macron’s elitist views are symptomatic of the establishment malaise which is actually at the core of the problem in the EU’s crumbling cohesion and authority.
Britain’s Brexit referendum held in 2016 was a forewarning of the popular dissent across the EU towards an establishment in Brussels perceived as anti-democratic, beholden to big finance and Neo-liberal capitalist austerity, as well as kowtowing to a Washington-led consensus for illegal overseas wars and NATO expansionism.
The EU status quo has led to massive problems of immigration from pandering to America’s illegal warmongering in the Middle East and North Africa. European citizens have become awake to those problems and are opposed to the degeneration of Europe as an adjunct of Washington’s imperialism. That dissent is also manifest in many European citizens being opposed to the EU’s compliance with US-led sanctions and hostility towards Russia. The fact of that does not mean that Russia is somehow influencing opposition movements. It is simply a fact that European citizens are in revolt against an anti-democratic status quo that is all too often servile to a transatlantic axis that is not in their fundamental democratic interests, like so many other policies that the EU status quo slavishly adheres to.
Emmanuel Macron and other EU establishment figures may push the fantasy that the bloc is under threat from “far-right nationalist parties in cahoots with the Kremlin”.
The fact is that the EU is simply perceived by a growing number of its 512 million citizens as a monolith that is unresponsive to democratic needs. That’s why they are rebelling against the status quo by voting for a range of anti-establishment parties.
If the EU can’t recognize the democratic impulse from within its own bloc then its future is destined for further disruption as the Brexit movement portends.Blaming “external enemies” like Russia for its own inherent political problems is being proven for the desperate denial that it is.
The people are speaking this weekend. The EU establishment better listen.



Academic Elitists Have Invented A New Way To Rig Voting In The Future
Authored by Brandon Smith via,
The question of whether or not “democracy” works is always being studied, by proponents of freedom as well as by proponents of authoritarianism. The founding fathers of the sovereign American experiment were far more intelligent than some critics today give them credit for – they knew full well that democracy does NOT work, not without some rules which make certain rights inalienable. This is why they modeled the original American system as a Republic, not a democracy.
Today, there are many people (primarily in academia) that seem to think they are gifted with more insight into our political and social systems than the founders of old, and are constantly trying to sell a myriad of concepts for improving our existing structure. Some of these people are well meaning, and some of them are not, but their ideas for “fixing” the problems of our political and social systems almost universally ignore or overlook the root causes of those problems. They try to cure the symptoms rather than the disease.
It should also be noted that many academics live much of their lives separate from the real world, and so their views on what ails society and how it should be fixed are rather naive, or at least highly biased. Many behave as though they sit somewhere on the autistic scale; others have made a career out of going to school for far too long and have no interest in learning to survive in the private sector.
My point is, these are not the kinds of people that are going to solve the world’s malfunctions – they can’t even solve their own malfunctions. In fact, they are often the kinds of people that make the world worse. Unfortunately, in the universe of academia there is a propensity for arrogance, elitism, and also rampant exploitation by powerful groups seeking to turn academics to the dark side.
Keep all of this in mind as we explore this next issue, because I believe it comes into play in a very insidious manner…



Greenpeace Co-Founder Tells Congress to Ignore UN’s Latest Extinction Warning
ByMichael Bastasch 
Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore will tell House lawmakers an alarming United Nations report on biodiversity is political activism masquerading as credible science, according to written testimony.
“It is clear that the highly exaggerated claims of the [U.N.] are not so much out of concern for endangered species as they are a front for a radical political, social, and economic ‘transformation’ of our entire civilization,” Moore will tell lawmakers Wednesday, according to written testimony The Daily Caller News Foundation obtained.
Moore is set to testify in front of the House Committee on Natural Resources, sitting alongside U.N. scientists who recently issued an alarming report warning that 1 million species were threatened with extinction.
“Their recommendation for an end to economic growth alone condemns the developing world to increased poverty and suffering, and economic stagnation in the developed countries,” Moore wrote.
Experts on the U.N.’s biodiversity panel, called the IPBES, will likely present a different picture than Moore. Sir Robert Watson, a British chemist who led the most recent IPBES assessment, called the report an “ominous warning.”
“The health of ecosystems on which we and all other species depend is deteriorating more rapidly than ever,” Watson said on the assessment’s release in early May.
The IPBES report generated apocalyptic media headlines. A CNN correspondent summarized the report as humans need to be “consuming less, polluting less and having fewer children.”
“This is not a new phenomenon,” Moore says. “The so-called Sixth Great Extinction has been predicted for decades. It has not come to pass, similar to virtually every doomsday prediction made in human history.”
Moore is skeptical of IPBES’s extinction warning, which is an extrapolation of data gathered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Moore put more weight behind the IUCN numbers.
The IUCN has evaluated roughly 98,500 plant and animal species since 2000. Of those, the IUCN considers about 27,100 threatened with extinction, but that also includes “vulnerable species” with a small chance of extinction this century.
IPBES assessed that “an average of around 25 percent of species in assessed animal and plant groups are threatened, suggesting that around one million species already face extinction, many within decades, unless action is taken.” That’s based on highly uncertain estimates there are 8 million species on Earth.
“This is highly unprofessional,” Moore says. “Scientists should not—in fact, can not—predict estimates of endangered species or species extinction based on millions of undocumented species.”
“The IBPES claims there are 8 million species,” Moore says. “Yet only 1.8 million species have been identified and named. Thus the IBPES believes there are 6.2 million unidentified and unnamed species. Therefore one million of the unknown species could go extinct overnight and we would not notice it because we would not know they had existed.”
The IUCN admits its assessments focus “on those species that are likely to be threatened” and that any extrapolation “would be heavily biased”—in other words, an overestimate.
When reached for comment, however, the IUCN said, “It is wholly appropriate for scientific researchers such as the IPBES assessment authors to” extrapolate extinction threats based on their limited data. IUCN experts worked on the IPBES report, the group said.
The IPBES told The Daily Caller News Foundation its experts “conservatively” extrapolated out the extinction based on methods “that have been subjected to no fewer than two full rounds of open international peer-review over a three-year period.”



The Russians Are Buying Gold to Prepare for the Impending Dollar Crisis
Russia once again added to its growing gold reserves in April, buying another 15.55 tons of the yellow metal. According to a press release from the Central Bank of Russia, it now holds 2,183.46 tons of gold.
Russia has expanded its gold holdings by 71.53 tons through the first four months of 2019. Russian gold reserves increased 274.3 tons in 2018, marking the fourth consecutive year of plus-200 ton growth. Meanwhile, the Russians sold off nearly all of its US Treasury holdings. According to Bank of America analysts,  the amount of US dollars in Russian reserves fell from 46% to 22% in 2018.
In an appearance on RT, Peter Schiff said he thinks the Russians are preparing for an impending dollar crisis.
As Peter explained, the world has been on a dollar standard ever since the US led the world off the gold standard.
That was fine when the dollar was backed by gold, but now the dollar is backed by nothing. So, if you’re backing your currency with a currency that’s backed by nothing, well, then your currency is backed by nothing.”
Peter said this wasn’t a problem when people perceived value in the dollar, but he thinks that’s going to change.
I think the next recession when the Fed goes back to zero and when we launch QE4, I think the dollar’s role as a reserve currency is going to be questioned, and central banks need an alternative. And the only viable alternative to back up their own currency is real money, which is gold.”
China has also been buying gold. Peter said this is one way for the Chinese to gain leverage in the trade war. They can strengthen the yuan by selling dollarsand buying gold.
That would help increase the value of the yuan and that would help increase the purchasing power of their own citizens while really dealing a fatal blow to the dollar and the US economy at the same time.”
The RT anchor asked if it was really possible for other countries to actually ditch the US dollar. Peter said it’s not only possible, it’s inevitable.
Ultimately, the US won’t have any leverage at all … This [the dollar as the reserve currency] was an exorbitant privilege that the US has enjoyed for decades, but it has abused that privilege dramatically, even more so recently with the sanctions. So, I think that privilege is going to be lost and with it will go the artificially high standard of living that came along with it in the United States.”


U.S. Special Envoy Schools UN Security Council on True Causes of Palestinians’ Plight
By Joseph A. Klein, CFP United Nations Columnist 
Jason Greenblatt, President Trump’s special envoy for international negotiations, schooled the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday regarding the obvious cause of Palestinian suffering in Gaza. He said that the Security Council needs “to admit that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are the primary barrier to the dreams of those residents of Gaza who want to live in peace, raise their families and find meaningful work.” Mr. Greenblatt condemned both terrorist organizations for continuing “to target Israeli hospitals and schools” and using Palestinian civilians, including children, as human shields. He asked, “When will the Security Council say this out loud? When will we clearly reject this terrorism?”
The Palestinians’ friends and enablers backed the Palestinian victimhood narrative. For example, Kuwait’s representative declared, “We cannot speak of peace when the Israeli occupation spreads,” blaming Israeli settlements as the main obstacle to peace.  South Africa’s representative blamed the grave situation in Gaza on what she charged was Israel’s illegal blockade.
The facts support Mr. Greenblatt’s attribution of blame squarely on the Palestinian terrorists.
In 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza and four northern West Bank settlements.  Around 8,500 Jewish settlers were uprooted. Israel Defense Forces installations and troops were removed. Israel’s disengagement cost nearly $3 billion. “Some 3,000 homes were razed altogether, according to Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Haaretz reported. Israel left behind greenhouses and infrastructure including pipes and roads. “The disengagement decision holds hope for a better future; it transfers responsibility for the Strip to the Palestinians, who will be in charge of their destiny,” then Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said at the time. “Their true test will be to prevent terror.”
Dr. Mohammed Samhouri, a Palestinian economist and academic who had served as a senior economic adviser to the Palestinian Authority, has written about what could have been if the Palestinians had followed a constructive path. Instead, especially after Hamas took over full control of Gaza in 2007, Gaza was turned into a launching pad for terrorist rocket attacks. Dr. Samhouri wrote that he “was a member of a hopeful group of technocrats who developed a clear roadmap for Gaza after Israel unilateral disengagement in 2005, and then watched as that plan collapsed.” After Hamas’s “violent takeover of the entire Gaza Strip,” he added, “it was all downhill from there for Gaza.”
Israel did not initiate the violence wracking the Gaza region since Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza. Israel only responded in self-defense to the escalating barrage of rockets and mortar fire, principally aimed by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists at Israeli civilian population centers. Israel also tightened security at border crossings and at sea to prevent the smuggling of arms into Gaza. The Palestinian terrorists brought devastation upon the residents of Gaza by their own aggressive acts, resulting in measures that Israel had to take to protect its own citizens.
The latest round of violence involving Gaza earlier this month followed this same pattern. Lebanese journalist Nadim Koteich placed the blame where it belonged.  “The peddling of the blood of the people of Gaza must stop. This battle was started by the Islamic Jihad, not by Israel,” he said during an interview posted by MEMRI. “[Israel] was forced into this battle, in which it had no interest. Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in 2005. The Palestinians should have turned the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza into an opportunity for a national Palestinian compromise. Instead, Hamas opted for a coup in 2007 and for a civil war…Hamas and The Islamic Jihad have thwarted all opportunities for peace, and they have ended up in a prison called Gaza.”
Mr. Greenblatt also used his remarks to the Security Council on Wednesday to criticize the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) as a failed “business model” and a mere “Band-Aid.” He said “what we do know is that it is time to move past Band-Aid solutions. This conflict is sad and tragic and complex, but we must stop pretending that UNRWA and United Nations resolutions will somehow resolve the conflict.”



Declassified Docs Will Expose Samantha Power’s Anti-Israel Unmasking
Government documents that will soon be made public will reveal stunning information about former U.N. ambassador Samantha Power’s voluminous unmasking efforts in 2016, according to multiple sources.
On Thursday, President Trump gave Attorney General William Barr the authority to declassify documents from multiple agencies related to surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016.
According to investigative journalist Sara Carter on Fox News’ Hannity, last night, some of the documents will reveal that FBI “informant” (spy) Stefan Halper recorded both George Papadopoulos and Carter Page, and there is exculpatory evidence on those tapes. In addition to that, according to Carter, one of the biggest revelations will pertain to Power’s unmasking efforts.
As PJ Media reported in September of 2017, Power was unmasking people at a “freakishly rapid rate.”
The former U.S. ambassador moved at such a rapid pace that she ended up “averaging more than one request for every working day in 2016,” multiple sources told Fox News at the time. And she continued to seek identifying information about Americans caught up in incidental surveillance right up to President Trump’s inauguration.
“That’s unheard of,” Carter said. “Put it this way—when John Bolton was the at the U.N., he unmasked three people. Three people. She unmasked close to 300. And I’m going to tell you some of those names are going to be very important when they come out,” she added.
This is going to change everything. Tonight discussing this with @dbongino on @seanhannity show. | for more check:
— Sara A. Carter (@SaraCarterDC) May 24, 2019
According to OANN’s Jack Posobiec, Power was targeting calls made about Israeli settlements.
BREAKING: Samantha Power targeted any call made about Israeli settlements for unmasking. When she found Gen Flynn making calls she opposed, she passed information to Sally Yates who opened Logan Act investigation. DNI Coats has now reviewed all unmaskings – @OANN
— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) May 24, 2019
According to Posobiec, the documents will show that Power was on a “one-woman crusade” for the Palestinians and against Israel in 2016.
BREAKING: White House plans to declassify documents showing that Samantha Power was on a “one-woman crusade” for the Palestinians and against Israel in 2016. Repeated unmakings were used to ensure her effort did not fail – @OANN
— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) May 24, 2019
“Obama WH was so incredibly hostile to Israel that they used extraconstitutional surveillance powers to spy on pro-Israel advocates to make sure they could thwart efforts to defend Israel,” wrote Conservative Review’s foreign policy expert Jordan Schachtel on Twitter. “Gross abuses of power & they got off scot-free, for now at least.”
During the transition period in 2016, incoming Trump officials disagreed with the Obama administration’s policy on Israeli settlements and made phone calls to world leaders regarding an upcoming vote in the United Nations to condemn Israel.
Obama’s Illegal Spying on Americans Labeled “Operation Hammer” Will Soon Be Exposed
One of the many illegal actions that President Obama partook during his eight years in office was the assimilation of personal data on all Americans.  His “Operation Hammer” will soon be uncovered and show his contempt for Americans and the rule of law.
Maxine Waters slipped up during a 2013 interview with journalist Roland Martin. In this interview Waters said –
…I think some people are missing something here. The President [Obama] has put in place an organization that contains a kind of database than no one has ever seen before in life. That’s going to be very, very powerful and whoever …and that database will have information about everything on every individual in ways that it’s never been don before.”
Just five months after the Martin interview, Obama was exposed by NSA leaker Eric Snowden for operating a massive government surveillance program which targeted just about every American to ever use a cellular or communicate from the internet. The Washington Postdescribed the program as a massive expansion of President George W. Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program.
Obama’s illegal initiative labeled “Operation Hammer” was in full force in March 2016, via Mary Fanning and Alan Jones at the American Report:
FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division Peter Strzok and his supposed paramour, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, exchanged a cryptic, indeed coded, text message on Sunday, March 19, 2017, twenty-six minutes after retired U.S. Air Force Four Star General Thomas McInerney read our exclusive “Whistleblower Tapes” exposé over America’s airwaves, revealing “The Hammer.”
The Hammer is the Stasi-like secret surveillance system created by CIA/NSA/FBI contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis L. Montgomery for Obama’s intelligence chiefs, CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.
The Hammer, under the Obama administration, negated every American’s constitutional rights to privacy, turning the United States into a police state where the federal government was weaponized by the Obama administration against its political enemies.
According to the secretly-recorded audio tapes released by Federal Judge G. Murray Snow, Brennan’s and Clapper’s illicit super surveillance system “The Hammer” wiretapped Trump “a zillion times.”
Late that Sunday evening, just hours after General McInerney’s radio appearance, Strzok and Page exchanged a text message that explicitly referenced Dennis Montgomery and Montgomery’s attorney Larry E. Klayman.
Only a few hours earlier, General McInerney had referenced Montgomery and Klayman on “Operation Freedom,” exactly the same names about which Strzok and Page were now texting.
General McInerney appeared on Dr. Dave Janda’s “Operation Freedom” that broadcasts from terrestrial radio station WAAM 1600.
The next morning, the Russian Collusion investigation was born.
The problem for Brennan and Clapper and Comey and Baker and all of them now is, is that the FISA court has already communicated with the Justice Department about its findings. And their findings are that for more than four years before the election of Donald Trump, there was an illegal spying operation going on by FBI contractors, four of them, to steal personal information, electronic information about Americans, and to use it against the Republican Party.
There are going to be indictments. There’s going to be grand juries. John Brennan isn’t going to need one lawyer. He’s going to need five. . .
. . . The Obama administration, for more than four years before the 2016 election, allowed four contractors working for the FBI to illegally surveil American citizens, illegally. The FISA court has already found that.



Exit Polls: Nigel Farage and Brexit Party Leading in Britain with 37 Percent of Vote!
On Thursday British voters took to the polls in the European elections.
Nigel Farage and his six-week-old Brexit Party is leading in the exit polls.
According to Conservative Treehouse the exit polls look good for the Brexit Party.
A Survation poll for the Daily Mail shows Mr Farage’s Brexit Party well ahead in the European elections on 31 per cent, trailed by Labour on 23, the Conservatives on 14 and the Lib Dems on 12 (link)
The Express has more favorable results for the Brexit Party:
One YouGov poll currently has the Brexit Party out in front with 37 percent of the vote.
The party – fronted by ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage – has only extended the lead it has held for the last two weeks.
The Liberal Democrats are behind them with 19 percent of the vote, and the Labour and Green Parties close with 13 and 12 percent respectively.
The Conservative Party may suffer another catastrophic defeat, with just 7 percent of the projected vote.

THE DYSTOPIA OF A CONTINENT-SPANNING EMPIRE by Ferghane Azihari via The Mises Institute,
A “European Empire” Is Not What Europe Needs
A certain nostalgic view of the Roman Empire has helped to push the idea the European Union is essential to the prosperity and success of Europe. But a closer look at the continent invalidates the link between prosperity and affiliation to Brussels’ Europe. 
Among the richest European countries are the countries outside the Union. This is the case in Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.
Nor is there a link between the wealth of a country and its membership in large political groups at the global level. In addition to the regions already mentioned, many places combine smallness and wealth, as shown by Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and New Zealand.
Unfortunately for the proponents of a political Europe, the historical rise of the European civilization also illustrates the opposite of the imperial narrative.
The American historian David Landes recalled in 1998 that the fall of the Roman Empire was a happy event for the Old Continent. These affirmations support the work of the sociologist Jean Baechler, who, three decades earlier, wrote that the expansion of European trade was favored by the anarchy inherited from the feudal order.
Coupled with the relative cultural unity forged by the Catholic Church, the feudal anarchy inaugurated by the Middle Ages liberated the economy and the spirit of enterprise. This specificity of the West explains what the British historian Eric Jones called “the miracle” or “the exceptionalism” of Europe. Unlike oriental and Asian tyrants capable of killing the creativity of an empire, European monarchs, by the smallness of their territories, knew some limits to their predation.
It was therefore easier for the industrious Western classes to escape oppression by punishing bad governments through emigration. Consider the revocation of the Edict of Nantes under Louis XIV and the impoverishment of the Kingdom of France induced by the exodus of Protestants to more favorable havens like Switzerland, the Netherlands, or England.
The absence of political unity allowed the continent to be ruled by many small, sovereign, and competing territorial divisions. From this competition was born a race for talent and capital, conducive to the diffusion of a certain political discipline. It was in these conditions that freedom, commerce, and science flourished.
That Macron invokes the “Renaissance” in his election campaign to sell membership in this new Empire, shows his historical misunderstanding.
The Renaissance itself was born from the bowels of an Italy divided into a multitude of city-states. It is this division that the Scottish philosopher David Hume considered favorable to the progress of the arts and sciences.
Also in Italy, Shakespeare, in the Merchant of Venice, leads Antonio to recall that the prosperity of the city depends on the securities and freedoms granted to all traders. From Benjamin Constant to Montesquieu to Alexis de Tocqueville, many thinkers were convinced that these freedoms are more likely to be safeguarded in small states than in vast empires.
From this point of view, the European Union is a cartel of governments eager to resuscitate imperial ambitions foreign to the conditions of the rise of our civilization. Its authoritarian projects of political, regulatory and fiscal standardization are betrayals of the spirit of innovation that requires the highest degree of decentralization and possible institutional competition.
Finally, it is the intellectuals Nathan Rosenberg and Luther Earle Birdzell who best summarize the historical factors behind the blossoming of the West. In a book published in 1986, they write that the prosperity of a civilization implies the expansion of an open trade on a politically fragmented territory. Applied to our region, this prescription leads us to prefer the dream of a Europe with a hundred thousand Liechtensteins to the dystopia of a continent-spanning empire.




by Michael Snyder
We haven’t seen stock prices slide like this in a long time, and if this keeps up we could soon be looking at an avalanche.  Our rapidly escalating trade war with China and more bad U.S. economic numbers pushed stocks down once again this week, and at this point the Dow Industrial Average has now fallen for five weeks in a row.  We haven’t seen a losing streak this long since June 2011, and it is yet another indication that we have reached a major turning point.  Some positive comments about China from President Trump on Friday helped to lift stocks a little, but it wasn’t enough to put stocks into the green for the week.  Of course the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq are both working on losing streaks as well.  According to CNBC, both of them have now declined for three weeks in a row… (Read More…)
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More than 60 percent of the world’s population of more than 7.5 billion reside in countries where the right to religious freedom is obstructed or denied. An estimated 505 million Christians face persecution for following their faith, a Catholic NGO Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) report indicated this week.
“For simply belonging to the wrong religion, countless numbers of people have been killed; many others have disappeared and still more have been imprisoned indefinitely,” John Pontifex, the report’s editor-in-chief, said.
On Thursday, a press release on the 14th edition of ACN’s Religious Freedom in the World Report, which this year covers all religions in 196 countries over a two-year period up to and including June 2018, declared:
The report—noting that respect for religious freedom is on the decline worldwide—finds that 61 percent of the world’s population live in countries where the right to religious freedom is obstructed or denied outright. The report estimates that some 327 million Christians live in countries where they face religious persecution, with another 178 million suffering some form of discrimination because of their faith.
ACN found non-state actors in countries like India, China, and Myanmar have exacerbated a boost in hatred against faith minorities.
Citing an increase in “aggressive ultranationalism” in countries like India and Russia — by either hardline governments or violent extremist groups — ACN reports that religious freedom is declining in one out of every five nations in the globe, which amounts to a total of 38.
Of the 38 countries, ACN discovered incidents of religious persecution in 21, including Niger, Myanmar, India, and China, as well as acts of discrimination in 17 other countries, such as Algeria, Turkey, and Russia.
ACN found:
Examining every country worldwide in turn, this report found evidence of significant religious freedom violations in 38 nations (19.3 percent). These 38 countries were examined in more detail with the following conclusions drawn: First, 21 (55 percent) were placed in the top ‘Persecution’ category and the remaining 17 (45 percent) in the less serious ‘Discrimination’ category. This means that worldwide, 11 percent of countries were ranked at the level of ‘Persecution’ and 9 percent at the level of ‘Discrimination.’
Second, the situation concerning religious freedom deteriorated in 18 of the 38 (47.5 percent) countries, split roughly evenly between the ‘Persecution’ and ‘Discrimination’ categories. Third, that 18 of the 38 countries – 47.5 percent – showed no obvious sign of change between 2016 and 2018.
According to ACN, the easing of tensions in Syria and Iraq following the weakening of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) at the hands of international forces and local fighters allowed thousands of Christians to return to their homes, making those two countries the only place where religious freedom conditions improved.
However, the NGO noted, “The situation for minority faith groups deteriorated in 18 of the 38 countries – almost half – found to have significant religious freedom violations. [An] especially serious decline was noted in [two of the most populous nations in the world] China and India.”
Marc Fromager, head of the ACN’s French chapter, acknowledged that China has destroyed Christian churches and forced hundreds of thousands of Muslim Uighurs into concentration camps, which Beijing deems vocational centers and where the U.S. has found detainees are tortured.
In its latest World Wide List (WWL) of the top 50 “most dangerous” countries to worship Jesus, Open Doors ranked India eleventh, noting that persecution of followers of Christ, particularly women at the hands of “Hindu extremists,” is on the rise, adding:
The NGO pointed out:
Among those countries which saw the sharpest decline in religious freedom during the period in question, India is particularly significant as it is the world’s second most populous country with one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Report after report has highlighted egregious acts of violence, each with a clearly-established motive involving religious hatred.
This violence against Christians, Muslims, and other minorities – many of which belong to low-caste communities – reveals the emergence of a particularly aggressive form of nationalism evident both in India and other countries around the world. The nationalism in question not only identifies a threat to the nation state from law-abiding minority groups but carries out acts of aggression calculated to force them to forsake their distinctive identity or leave the country. Such a threat can be termed ultra-nationalism.
ACN went on to note that the persecution of Christians and other religions in countries like North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Eritrea is “already so bad, it could scarcely get any worse.”
Open Doors determined that North Korea stands at the top of its list of 50 countries where Christians are the most persecuted.
“Worsening intolerance towards religious minorities meant that for the first time two countries – Russia and Kyrgyzstan – were placed in the ‘Discrimination’ category,” ACN found, adding, “Turning to Russia, we see another dimension of religious ultra-nationalism at work. Evidence produced for this report concludes that ‘the situation of religious freedom has dramatically worsened in the last two years.’”



(CP) – After months of praying, leaders at the University Baptist Church in Waco, Texas, announced Sunday that they have decided to allow their ministers to perform same-sex weddings inside their church building even though it goes against the official policy of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. “Four months ago, the leadership team stood before you and asked for your prayers and your voices regarding building use and pastor autonomy for same-sex marriages,” church leaders noted in a letter to the congregation.
“We believed then, as we do now that UBC is a place that celebrates intellectual and theological diversity, but felt that our ambiguity on these policies had the potential to create harm for those in the LGBTQ community,” the letter continued. Leaders then described the “prayerful contemplation” and other steps they took before making a decision that they are aware of is not fully embraced by their congregation but is the “best collective/theological conclusion.” FULL REPORT:


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