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Macron to unveil peace plan soon if trump doesn’t, top diplomat said to tell mks
If US President Donald Trump does not present his Israeli-Palestinian peace plan next month, France’s President Emmanuel Macron will issue a proposal of his own, a senior Israeli diplomat reportedly told Knesset members at a closed-door briefing.
Alon Ushpiz, the Foreign Ministry’s political director, testified to the Knesset’s powerful Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Monday, in a closed session, that France is waiting out November 6’s US midterm elections, but that if Trump does not present his long-awaited plan in the first few weeks after that vote, Macron will publicize his own formula, TV news reports said.
The reports, on Israel’s Channel 10 and Hadashot TV, quoted MKs who were at the session. The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem said the reports contained inaccuracies.
Channel 10 said Macron had instructed his foreign ministry in late August to explore new ideas for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and that the French president had now signaled to Trump that if the US does not move ahead, Paris will. The Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign Ministry were spending considerable time discussing the possible Macron plan, the TV reports said.
A spokesperson for the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee said the reports “do not properly reflect” Ushpiz’s remarks to lawmakers.
“Naturally, due to the [closed] forum, we cannot elaborate beyond this,” the spokesperson said.
The reports came a day after Channel 10 quoted Trump last month telling Macron that he was prepared to pressure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept the administration’s long-gestating peace initiative.
Trump and Netanyahu are reportedly set to travel to Paris around November 11 for World War I centenary ceremonies hosted by Macron.
Also Monday, senior White House adviser Jared Kushner expressed impatience with the Israeli-Palestinian deadlock, telling CNN: “The status quo between Israel and the Palestinians is not acceptable. The situation is only getting worse. At some point, the leaders will have to take a bold step and make compromise. We hope to find leaderships that are ready to do so.”
According to Tuesday evening’s TV reports, Ushpiz also told MKs on Monday that Israel expects the Democrats to make gains in next month’s midterm elections, and that this would have impact and implications for Israel. He reportedly called the midterms “critical” for Israel, and said Israel anticipates the Democrats will make gains in Congress and “things won’t be the same.”
Trump said at a meeting with Netanyahu last month that he expected to publish his plan within four months. Speaking to The Times of Israel last month, Trump’s special envoy for international negotiations, Jason Greenblatt, said the plan “will include a resolution to all of the core issues, including the refugee issue,” and will “be heavily focused on Israeli security needs.”
Greenblatt added: “But we also want to be fair to the Palestinians. We have tried hard to find a good balance. Each side will find things in this plan that they don’t like. There are no perfect solutions.”
Kushner said Monday that a “reasonable” Palestinian leadership will be willing to negotiate with Israel based on the Trump plan.
The Palestinian Authority has preemptively rejected the plan and has boycotted the Trump administration since it recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last year.


Most of us have shared out thoughts on Macron and the possibility of him being the AC.  In this article Todd Strandberg pretty much expresses our thoughts and like he says, we cannot be certain of it, but the timing would be perfect.


By Todd Strandberg
Several of the people who contribute articles to Rapture Ready have addressed the possibility of Emmanuel Macron being the Antichrist. Most have approached the subject with a good bit of caution. Because the Antichrist comes to power after the Rapture, we, as the bride of Christ, cannot be certain of his identity.
The Antichrist will be a man of such incredible charm and charisma, students of Bible prophecy may be able to place high odds on him being the man who will rule the whole world.
The Tribulation starts with the Antichrist confirming a peace agreement between Israel and its Arab enemies. This is an accomplishment that has eluded diplomats since Israel became a nation.
It may take several months or years of planning to bring the two sides together. If Macron starts racking up frequent flyer miles to Jerusalem, it would be logical to suspect him as having a major end-time role.
What is most fascinating about Macron is that he appeared out of nowhere.
A year before the French election, he had no political party. France has been in chaos from all the terrorist attacks and the far-right Front National candidate, Marine Le Pen, seemed the only answer to the madness.
Macron won by a huge margin of 66.06% to 33.94% to become, at age 39, the country’s youngest president. He also gained a huge majority in the French parliament, taking 351 out of 577 seats. The Socialist party was nearly destroyed; shed more than 200 seats and hold only around 34 seats.
The voters were drawn to Emmanuel Macron by some supernatural force. He would go to public events and win people over with his magnetism. Macron went to a factory, where the vast majority supported his rival, and he persuaded many of the workers to vote for him.
Macron reminds me of how Obama came to power in America. His record as an Illinois senator was dismal. Obama had no major legislative accomplishment, he had voted present more than any other senator. When he ran for president, the media worshipped at his feet. He was repeatedly given messiah labels. Because Obama is an American citizen, I wasn’t worried about him becoming the Antichrist.
Emmanuel Macron is a citizen of Europe, and out of the revived Roman Empire (The European Union) will come the Antichrist. Since we appear to be close to the end, everyone who presents himself as a saviour figure needs to be considered.
The demonic symbolism around Macron is very troubling. In his debate with Marine Le Pen, he frequently held his hands in a way that represents the number of the beast. He gave a speech on a stage that was shaped like the Masonic unfinished pyramid. Macron celebrated his victory at the Louvre museum right in front of the glass pyramid composed of 666 pieces. To top the night off, he held up his arm in a V shape that with the pyramid behind him made Masonic crest.
I came across a video of a psychologist; he said Macron has all the signs of having a psychopathic personality. Since the term “Napoleon Complex” originated in France, one would think voters would be on guard for someone who loves political power a little too much. If Macron leads the world in Armageddon, at least we’ll have a natural explanation for the carnage.
His ambition is already past the borders of France. Macron responded to Donald Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the climate deal by twisting Trump campaign slogan, saying he wanted to “Make our planet great again.” He sees himself as very qualified to manage world affairs.
When Macron said he will “Rule like the Roman god Jupiter,” the press was stunned into silence. When it was announced that he doesn’t do Q&A with journalists because his thoughts are much “too complex” for them, I couldn’t believe what I was reading.
I’ve been tracking Bible prophecy for nearly 40 years. I’ve seen many Antichrist candidates come and go. Emmanuel Macron has only been in office for two months, and he has already generated more end-time buzz than any other world leader that I remember.
The late prophecy teacher, Charles Taylor, said for years that King Juan Carlos of Spain would be the Antichrist. Prince Charles of Wales was also frequently mentioned as a Beast contender. Both these men had such boring personalities, they had just as much chance of winning the Boston Marathon than being the most cunning dictator in human history. Macron has a smooth operator quality that’s missing from nearly every other Antichrist candidate.
There is certainly the possibility that Macron may crash and burn as French President. He faces a long list of problems and his total lack of political experience could be his undoing. All we can do is watch.
The key factor that allows for speculation is the shortness of time. It’s nearly show time, so some of the actors we see on the world stage will likely be players in the Tribulation hour. There is strong indication that Putin might be Gog, the leader of Ezekiel 38 and 39. The addition of someone who appears to be ready to play the main character tells me that the end-time play is about to begin.
“Through his cunning he shall cause deceit to prosper under his rule; and he shall exalt himself in his heart. He shall destroy many in their prosperity. He shall even rise against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without human means” (Daniel 8:25).

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