But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned! (Galatians 1:8)

(John 8:32) And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free



QUESTION:   What does the Bible say about a person’s past sins? What I mean is, I know that I am forgiven through my faith in Jesus and that God does not hold my sins against me any longer, but what about humans- what about the church? I am currently going through a situation where an ex-friend wants to tell the church of my past so that the heat can be taken off of her current sinning lifestyle. She knows that I have had experience in the area that she is sinning, and because she is feeling like people are judging her for her sins she wants to tell them about my past.

My fear is that I will be judged for my past- judged for sins that I have committed without seeing that I am a changed woman. So far she has not mentioned anything, but I am wondering if I need to confess my past sins to our mutual friends now or do I wait and see if she says anything then talk with them about it. Right now she says I’m denying my sin to others because I refuse to be revealing of my past to others. Like I said- this is all stemming from the fact that she confessed her sins and now is feeling the heat from the reactions of those around her. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much for your time!

ANSWER:   Sounds like a case of misery loves company. I don’t think a person’s past is anyone else’s business, especially if it involves sins that you’ve confessed and received forgiveness for. It may be embarrassing if it becomes public, but it should be clear to anyone who cares to look that you’ve changed. It could even become a witnessing opportunity for you to tell how the Lord delivered you from your past. Remember Peter, who had to live with the sin of denying the Lord, and yet was a great apostle for Him.

Stop worrying about things you can’t control. Put this all in the Lord’s hands and let Him determine the outcome. Don’t go around confessing, but don’t deny anything either. Your obedience to His plans for this will be rewarded both in this life and the next.



QUESTION:   You encourage believers to keep confessing our sins and seeking God’s forgiveness. But isn’t it true that we’re already forgiven? If so why do we have to ask again? Is there another verse in the Bible that confirms this?

ANSWER:   Confessing our ongoing sins, as mentioned in 1 John 1:9, is not a salvation issue because we’re saved for eternity, with a righteousness that comes through faith to all who believe (Romans 3:21-22). Ongoing confession is a fellowship issue that keeps us in good standing with God in the here and now.

In any important human relationship, we would apologize if we did something that disappointed or offended the other party so as not to put a strain on the relationship. It should be the same for our relationship with God. After all, we didn’t stop sinning when we became believers, and our sinful behavior grieves the Holy Spirit (Ephes. 4:30).

As for other references to confession, every time we say the Lord’s prayer we’re asking the Lord to forgive our sins (Matt. 6:9-15). This is a prayer for believers only, who can’t lose their salvation but can find themselves out of fellowship with God because of their behavior.

I frequently receive questions like this and I’m always amazed at the number of believers who resist confessing their ongoing sins. If for no other reason, it just seems like the polite thing to do avoid the possibility of putting a strain on our most important relationship, especially knowing the lengths to which He went for us.

“Who can discern his errors? Forgive my hidden faults. Keep your servant also from willful sins; may they not rule over me. Then will I be blameless, innocent of great transgression” (Psalm 19:12-13)





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1Th. 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; THEN SUDDEN DESTRUCTION COMETH UPON THEM, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape




























Russia, Iran and Turkey have been drawn together in their support of Syria. Putin and Rouhani provide Assad with military support and Turkey has now joined their efforts because it wants to crush US-backed Kurdish forces massing on its border. And Russia helps both countries on energy. It is also building Turkey a $20 billion nuclear power station, which began construction yesterday, and last year Putin signed a $30 billion energy co-operation deal with Iran.

The leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran met in Ankara for talks yesterday as they cemented their unlikely alliance over Syria in a challenge to US and western influence in the region.

“Therefore, thou son of man, prophesy against Gog, and say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal: “ Ezekiel 39:1 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: For those of you who think we might be putting a little too much emphasis and importance on the upcoming 70th anniversary of regathered Israel, today’s article should clear that up for you. Russia, Iran and Turkey forming an alliance just this week to take control of Syria absolutely leaps off the pages of the Bible. Putin supplies both Iran and Turkey with nuclear and military technology, as well as oil and gas. All three countries are mentioned in the Bible as Gog-Russia, Persia-Iran and Turkey/Meshech and Tubal . And obviously, so is Syria which figures quite heavily in Bible prophecy. We now have a little more than 5 weeks to go until May 14, and it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next. But buckle up because it’s gonna be something big. 

President Putin, President Erdogan and President Rouhani vowed to work together to create a ‘lasting ceasefire’, build a hospital for wounded civilians in Eastern Ghouta and allow refugees to return home.

But the deepening ties between the trio will be a concern to the US as its ability to influence the future of the country and the region wains and President Trump openly mulls pulling troops out.

Russia, Iran and Turkey have been drawn together in their support of Syria. Putin and Rouhani provide Assad with military support and Turkey has now joined their efforts because it wants to crush US-backed Kurdish forces massing on its border.

“The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” Isaiah 17:1 (KJV)

Putin supplies both countries with sophisticated military equipment. President Erdogan recently signed a $2.5 billion arms deal with Russia for S-400 sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles, which has caused consternation among Turkey’s fellow Nato members.

And Russia helps both countries on energy. It is also building Turkey a $20 billion nuclear power station, which began construction yesterday, and last year Putin signed a $30 billion energy co-operation deal with Iran.

Through these major deals Russia now finds itself in the position of having influence over Turkey as well as Iran. And these two countries in turn exert huge influence beyond their borders.

Turkey controls much of the flow of middle eastern refugees into Europe. It stemmed the influx after signing a deal with the EU in March

2016 – but if it reversed this agreement the political consequences in Europe would be enormous.

Iran has been accused of supplying arms to the Taliban by the government of Afghanistan and is fueling the conflict in Yemen.

President Donald Trump, meanwhile, is an implacably opposed the Syrian regime and his administration provides significant backing for the rebels fighting it. Trump is also a staunch ally of Israel, most notably announcing the US is to move its embassy to Jerusalem – putting it in direct opposition to Iran, which has threatened to destroy the state.

Under Trump, the US has become a close ally of Saudi Arabia, whose Crown Prince Salman said this week that he recognised Israel’s ‘right’ to its land –  becoming the first Arab leader to ever make such an acknowledgement.

He compared Iran’s Iranian Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to Hitler.

At the summit on Wednesday Turkey and Russia said they would work together to build a hospital to treat civilians injured in the fighting in Eastern Ghouta, near Damascus.

The Syrian government has been carrying out an intense bombing

and ground campaign against rebel-held areas in Eastern Ghouta which has left thousands of civilians dead or wounded and drawn international condemnation.

Russia and Turkey also said 160,000 refugees who had fled the conflict into Turkey had been able to return home. The Ankara summit at Erdogan’s presidential palace was the second such summit following one in November 2017 in the Black Sea resort of Sochi hosted by Putin.

‘We are determined to take Syria out of this quagmire. There will be no peace in turkey until there is peace in Syria,’ Erdogan said at a press conference in Ankara on Wednesday.

Turkish and Russian forces would work together to build a medical facility in Eastern Ghouta, as well as establishing ‘safe regions on both the Turkish and northern Syrian sides’ with facilities such as bakeries and plots of land to build homes and grow food.

‘It is about constructing houses [in the safe regions] so these people no longer have to live in tents and containers,’ said Erdogan. In a statement from the three leaders, they pledged to ‘continue their active cooperation on Syria for the achievement of lasting ceasefire between the conflicting parties’.

‘There is no military solution option for the crisis in Syria and we need to cooperate to put an end to the war in the country,’ said President Rouhani. ‘We have to follow peaceful methods, we need to help the Syrians go back to their homes as soon as possible.’

A third trilateral summit will take place in Tehran though a date has yet to be announced.

Putin’s two-day visit was his first international trip since securing a fourth term as president of Russia last month. On Tuesday, he and Erdogan revealed the delivery of Russian S-400 missiles would be brought forward to July 2019.

‘We have made our agreement on the S-400s. We have closed this chapter. This job is done,’ a defiant Erdogan told journalists during a press conference, the Hurriyet Daily News reported.

Putin added: ‘Our Turkish colleagues made a request in the meetings. We will accelerate the process.’ The leaders also made an appearance at the launch of Turkey’s first nuclear power station via video link on the same day.

Russian company Rosatom was granted permission by Turkey’s TAEK atomic energy authority on Tuesday to begin work on the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant’s first unit.  The plant will have a combined capacity of 4,800 megawatts across four reactors. source




China’s military leadership has pledged its support to Russia as tensions between Moscow and the West further deteriorate into diplomatic isolation, economic sanctions and dueling defense drills.

In his first visit to Russia, newly appointed Chinese Defense Minister Wei Feng attended the seventh Moscow International Security Conference accompanied by a delegation of other high-level military officials. Emphasizing that his trip was coordinated directly with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Wei said that he had two major messages for Russia at a time when both nations were attempting to modernize their armed forces and strengthen their hands in global affairs in spite of U.S. fears.

Related: Russia’s and China’s Presidents Are Winning Big as They Challenge U.S. and Take Power From West

“I am visiting Russia as a new defense minister of China to show the world a high level of development of our bilateral relations and firm determination of our armed forces to strengthen strategic cooperation,” Wei said at a meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, according to the state-run Tass Russian News Agency.

“Second, to support the Russian side in organizing the Moscow International Security Conference the Chinese side has come to show Americans the close ties between the armed forces of China and Russia, especially in this situation. We’ve come to support you,” he added. “The Chinese side is ready to express with the Russian side our common concerns and common position on important international problems at international venues as well.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart command what’s often considered the world’s second and third most powerful armed forces, respectively, behind the U.S. While the Pentagon has managed to retain a comfortable lead against its leading competitors, Moscow and Beijing have coordinated closely as they both aim to close this gap and check U.S. influence abroad.

As Russia showed off its military prowess by declaring victory in the Syrian conflict and boosting its military power across Europe, China has invested in international infrastructure projects—especially across Asia and Africa—and expanded its presence in the Pacific. Both countries argue they are looking to work with and not against the U.S., but Washington has viewed their rise with suspicion and has taken countermeasures against perceived challenges to the international order it has traditionally dominated for decades.

In addition to boosting its own military power in Europe and Asia, the U.S. has portrayed growing Russian and Chinese influence abroad as an assault on democracy. The West has singled out Russia especially, accusing it of interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential race and other foreign elections.

Washington has also charged Moscow with being behind cyber attacks and physical attacks, including the poisoning of ex-Soviet intelligence officer Sergei Skripal who was arrested for being a double agent for London before being released in a 2010 spy swap and moving to the U.K.

The nerve agent attack, which targeted both Skripal and his daughter, has led a number of Western countries and their allies to expel more than 100 Russian diplomats and close consulates. Russia has responded in kind, denying responsibility and accusing the U.K. of denying it access to the investigation.

When asked about the global reaction to the case, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang urged “that the relevant parties shall sort out the facts behind the Skripal incident at an early date and properly resolve disputes based on mutual respect and equal-footed consultation,” during a regular press conference Tuesday.

“The international community is challenged on so many fronts today. Cold War mentality and group confrontation is the last thing we need. We should all work together to preserve world peace, stability and security and build a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, equality, justice and win-win cooperation,” he added.

Russia has also suggested that the U.S. or the U.K. may be the true culprit behind the attack against Skripal in a bid to frame the Kremlin. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko told the Rossiya-24 station on Thursday that “the Skripal affair was used in order to tighten the ranks of the European Union and NATO, which loosened lately, and to inject another portion of Russophobia” ahead of the Western military alliance’s Brussels summit in July, Tass reported.

In response to Wei’s visit, his Russian counterpart also stressed better relations between the two countries, which once formed the world’s largest and most powerful communist alliance before falling out in the 1960s. With both Putin and Xi having been re-elected last month, the two presidents have successfully consolidated power in their respective countries.

“Thanks to the efforts of the leaders of our countries, the ties between Russia and China are now reaching a new and unprecedented level, becoming an important factor in ensuring peace and international security,” Shoigu said, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.




Bill Wilson –

Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza is trying to lead a new al Qaeda movement to overthrow Saudi Arabia’s monarchy and establish what he calls true Sharia Law. PJ Media reports that Hamza wants to revive jihad, and redistribute the riches of the country to the poor. It is reported that he is inspired by Arab Spring.

There are riots on the border of the terrorist state Gaza and Israel, as the terrorist-inspired masses are trying to invade Israel demanding a “right of return.” Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on Muslim countries to force Israel to “retreat toward the point of demise.” The seeds sown by the previous White House-supported Arab Spring in 2010 continue to reap a deadly prophetic harvest.

The immediate past “president” created a game changing prophetic leap in the Middle East by not only supporting, but engineering Arab Spring. Christian and Jewish eschatology speak of the Day of the Lord where the Bible plainly prophesies that Arab/Islamic nations attack Israel and Israel is saved by the Messiah, the Christ, in an end time battle that ushers in the Millennial Reign of Christ. There are many current events that point to this eschatology being set up by the actions of leaders of many nations. The support by the previous White House of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2010 is a major prophetic and eschatological milestone that has had tremendous consequences as current events play out.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s advance to establish a worldwide Sharia-based caliphate was catalyzed by the previous White House. The previous “president” threw support behind the Muslim Brotherhood in Arab Spring resulting in Islamists using a false democracy to take over Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen. Additionally, there was strife in Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia that resulted from either a direct or a collateral affect of advancing the Muslim Brotherhood plan. This destabilization of the Middle East created an even more hostile environment for Israel by energizing Islamic terror groups in Israel—Hamas, al Qaeda, Hezbollah and others. The Islamic State was birthed as well. And the effects continue.

Islamic eschatology has its Mahdi returning to earth to establish a seven-year worldwide rule of Islamic peace. Islam’s version of Jesus (Isa) is to be the Mahdi’s prophet in leading Jews and Christians to Islam. Islam’s eschatology is strikingly similar to the Biblical antichrist. Indeed, Islam denies the deity of Christ. 2 John 7 says, For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.” And Zechariah 12:9 speaks of the day of the Lord, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.” America has played the eschatological catalyst with its Middle East policy. Its final place in prophecy is yet to be determined, but thankfully, the current President is trying to reverse that disastrous course.




The mass demonstrations that took place over the weekend on the fence separating Gaza from Israel underscored two points of grave significance. The one relates to past decisions made by Israel; the other to future ones it will have to make.

With regard to the past, it is clear that the formula of land for peace has failed dramatically, disastrously, and definitively.

Land for Peace Has Failed Both Jew and Arab

After all, it was in Gaza that the misguided experiment of attempting to foist self-rule on the Palestinians was initiated with Yasir Arafat’s triumphant return to the coastal enclave in July 1994, amid fanfare and international acclaim.

The events of last Friday have proven just how unfounded the high hopes of peace and prosperity, back then, were. For the process that was set in motion in mid-1994 has – predictably – brought only trauma and tragedy to Jew and Arab alike.

However, although it has imposed several serious security challenges on Israel – such as suicide bombing, overhead rockets, underground terror tunnels, lone-wolf knifing, and ramming attacks – what it has wrought on the Palestinian-Arabs is far worse – particularly in Gaza, where it all began.

With frequent and extended power outages, soaring unemployment, pervasive penury, undrinkable water, polluted beaches and awash in flows of raw sewage, the largely destitute Gazan population has been the real victim of two-statism and the ill-conceived initiative to grant them political sovereignty. To make matters even worse, the head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, locked in a fierce power struggle with Hamas that (mis)governs Gaza, is threatening to make the situation of the hapless Gazans even worse by further cutting off funds to reduce electric power, food, and medical supplies.

So after almost a quarter century after the Oslo Accords were signed, allowing self-rule to the Gazan-Arabs, and well over a decade after Israel completely evacuated the Gaza Strip, removing any remnant of Jewish presence, hordes of Gazans, tens of thousands strong, massed at the border, egged on by their leaders to obliterate Israel – within the pre-“occupation” borders – in what was dubbed the “March of Return.”

A March to Destroy Israel

This was clearly articulated in the fiery proclamation by the head of Hamas, Yahya Sinwar, who vowed: “The ‘March of Return’ will continue. It will not stop until we remove this transient border. Friday’s protests mark the beginning of a new phase in the Palestinian national struggle on the road to liberation…and the return of the Palestinian refugees and their descendants to their former homes inside Israel…”

He continued, declaring, “The ‘March of Return’ affirms that our people cannot give up one inch of the land of Palestine … The protests will continue until the Palestinians return to the lands from which they were expelled 70 years ago.”

The reference to erasing the “transient border” between Gaza and pre-1967 Israel, to the “return of the Palestinian refugees and their descendants to their former homes inside Israel and…the lands from which they were expelled 70 years ago” removes any doubt as to the purpose of the so-called “March of the Return.”

For this clearly indicates that the sense of “grievance” that the March is intended to address is not any alleged injustice due to the “Occupation” (which began in 1967 just over 50 years ago) but the existence of Israel as a Jewish state (established in 1948, i.e. 70 years ago).

Thus as Gatestone’s Bassam Tawil aptly points out in his “A March to Destroy Israel”: “Hamas leaders Ismail Haniyeh and Yehya Sinwar… did not hide the real goal behind the ‘March of Return’ – to destroy Israel.”

“We Will Eat the Livers of the Jews”

Israel can ill-afford to treat the “March” as anything less ominous – especially in light of the manifest resolve to continue – indeed, escalate – the hostile rally on the border. Indeed, recent reports suggest that the participants will attempt to obscure the vision of the IDF forces with smoke screens produced by burning huge quantities of old tires and blinding IDF sharpshooters with mirrors and lasers, to allow rioters to breach the fence, undetected.

One need little imagination to picture the ghastly consequences were a tiny fraction of the frenzied mob, pressing against the fence were to burst through and overrun a single Israeli community close to the border, butchering the residents, ravaging the women, and razing the homes. After all, it was none other than Sinwar himself who unabashedly pledged publicly that the invading Gazans would “eat the livers” of Israelis they encountered.

Clearly, Israel cannot afford to treat this initiative to launch a popular invasion of its sovereign territory with anything other than zero tolerance. For even the perception of partial Palestinian success is likely to ignite similar mass marches in Judea-Samaria, on Israel’s northern border and even among Israeli Arabs in the Galilee, the Ara Valley and the Negev.

“March” Is an Act of War, the Participants Enemy Combatants

The sustained specter of large, potentially violent – even lethal – mass demonstrations will inevitably draw off and pin down large numbers of troops, which will disrupt other IDF activities. This could obviously be used as a distraction or a diversion to facilitate perpetration of other terror activities.

Accordingly, Israel must convey, unambiguously, that it will consider the continuation of the “March of Return” an overt act of war – and all the participants in it, enemy combatants – who must expect to face all the risks that entails.




In a brazen assault on our most fundamental freedoms, California legislators are considering a bill that would make it illegal for anyone to receive professional help to resolve unwanted same-sex attractions or gender confusion. 

This would apply to people of all ages. People of all religious and moral convictions. It is an absolute outrage, and it must be opposed vigorously.

For the last few years, a growing number of states and cities have embraced legislation making it illegal for minors struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions or gender confusion to receive professional help, even with the full support of their parents.

This would apply to a 14-year-old girl who was raped by her uncle at the age of 8 and now feels repulsion towards men and attraction towards women. If her parents stood with her and she wanted to meet with a trained counselor to help to get to the root of her attractions, in some states, that would be illegal. No professional counselor or therapist or psychologist would be allowed to help her.

Yet in these same states, if an 8-year-old girl believed she was really a boy and wanted to receive professional help to affirm her female identity, that would be perfectly legal. A counselor could tell her parents to encourage her to dress and identify as a boy. 

That counselor could also recommend that, at age 10, she start taking hormone blockers, then prepares to “transition” fully to male at age 16, then has sex-change surgery at 18, with hormones prescribed for life.

That would be perfectly legal. But for that same 8-year-old girl to say, “I want to be at home in the body God gave me. I don’t want hormones and surgery. Can anyone help me?” The answer would be, “No. Such help is illegal.”

California wants to take this one dangerous step farther, making it illegal for anyone of any age to receive such help. This defies all logic and can only be seen for what it is: a frontal assault on our freedom to self-determination. A frontal assault on our freedom of religion. And a frontal assault on our freedom of conscience.

And make no mistake about this. As ADF attorney Matt Sharp explained on my Line of Fire broadcast, this legislation would extend into the churches.

For example, let’s say that your church has the policy of offering free pastoral counseling for all tithing members. That would mean a financial transaction is involved in those services. So, you, a member in good standing want to receive some much-needed counseling.

You’re a married father of four, but you struggle deeply with gender identity confusion. You set up an appointment with one of the pastors, only to be told, “It is illegal for us to help you.”

I am not exaggerating.

Or you’re reading the Bible, which strictly forbids homosexual relationships, and you want help with unwanted same-sex attractions. You even read where the Bible says that some people used to practice homosexuality, but through the gospel, they no longer do (see 1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

You try to set up that counseling appointment with your pastor, only to be told, “It is illegal for us to help you.”

That pastor could not even recommend a book on the subject from the church bookstore.

That’s how far this outrageous bill goes, and it’s only one of a series of bills being put forward in California. If the bills pass there, other states will be eager to follow suit.

What makes this even more outrageous is that: 1) there are thousands of ex-gays who can personally testify to their own transformation; 2) there are gay and lesbian psychologists who argue against the myth that homosexuality is innate and immutable; and 3) most children who identify as transgender no longer do so after puberty.

And remember, while California seeks to pass this monstrous legislation, it has no problem backing a psychologist who will help a man embrace his alleged male and female identity simultaneously. Or a counselor who will help someone embrace their alleged animal (or, alien) identity. All of that is fine. But to help someone be at home in their own body would be illegal.

The whole basis of the legislation is the claim that: 1) medical fraud is being practiced; and 2)  harm can be done to patients who undergo such counseling or therapy.

But there are plenty of patients who attest to the life-transforming impact of the counseling they received. And there are plenty of Christians who attest to the life-transforming power of the gospel – including transformation from homosexual and transgender identities.

It’s also a fact that there is no definitive proof that such counseling harms a patient anymore than some patients claim harm after undergoing counseling for substance abuse or overeating or depression.

In fact, during my radio broadcast, Ann Paulk, an ex-lesbian herself, said that positive counseling outcomes for people dealing with unwanted same-sex attractions are higher than positive outcomes for those dealing with alcoholism. Yet no one in their right mind would seek to ban professional counseling or therapy for alcoholics.

No, this California assault on our most fundamental freedoms is simply the latest manifestation of LGBT activism. As I and others have warned incessantly for many years, those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet. Do you believe me now?

And while critics of any kind of change therapy mocked us with the (false) claim that we were trying to “pray away the gay,” these same critics now want to pass a law that says, “You must stay gay” (or, “gender confused”).

Will you stand up and make your voice heard today?

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