Psa. 23:1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
Psa. 23:2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
Psa. 23:3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Psa. 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Psa. 23:5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Psa. 23:6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever
Matt. 24:6 And ye shall hear of WARS AND RUMOURS OF WARS: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
Matt. 24:7 FOR NATION SHALL RISE AGAINST NATION, AND KINGDOM AGAINST KINGDOM: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
Matt. 24:8 All these are the beginning of sorrows

QUESTION:    RE: Luke 21:36 – Jesus says “pray that you be counted worthy to escape these things” – meaning the horrors of God’s judgement. This scripture troubles me as I sometimes wonder if I AM worthy, even though I am a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian who loves the Lord and is serving Him to the best of the talents and abilities that He has given me. I have always believed in the pre-Trib Rapture, but this verse seems to suggest that there are some Christians who won’t make it.
Also – it has been reported that we, meaning the Church of this age, is the Laodocian church – the one that Jesus said He would spit out of His mouth because it was neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm. I tend to agree with this as I see very few churches, including my own, that are truly on fire for God.
ANSWER:    A couple of corrections are in order. First, the Lord’s words in Luke 21:36 concerned the first-century destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, not the Great Tribulation. We know this because He said “what is about to happen” in the verse. If you read Luke 21 carefully you’ll see that He jumps back and forth between 70 AD and the end of the age.
But the same qualifications apply to both events. We are made worthy by the shed Blood of the Lamb, and by that alone. If you’re saved you’re worthy.
Second, the Laodicean Church (apostate) is alive and well on Earth today, but so are Thyatira (Catholic) Sardis (Main Line Protestant) and Philadelphia (Church of the Rapture). Just because you’re here on Earth and part of the Church doesn’t mean it’s the Laodicean Church.


Worthy To Escape
Why Do We Think We Will Escape?
Why Were We Chosen To Escape?
Why Does One Generation Escape Death?


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1Th. 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; THEN SUDDEN DESTRUCTION COMETH UPON THEM, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape








When non-Muslims deny Muslim minorities the rights that Muslim-majority countries systematically deny non-Muslim minorities, extremist Muslims in Turkey seem to have the habit of threatening non-Muslim lands with holy war.
“Soon religious wars will break out in Europe. You are taking Europe toward an abyss. That’s the way it’s going,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s foreign minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, predicted in a 2017 speech. The minister was angry with the European states that had banned Turkish Islamist political shows in their territories.
On June 10, Erdoğan said: “These measures taken by the Austrian prime minister are, I fear, leading the world toward a war between the cross and the crescent.”
So, once again, we are hearing promises of holy war, and an angry Islamist threatening a Christian state because a Christian state had decided to close down seven mosques and expel some 60 Turkish-funded imams as part of a crackdown on extremist Islam.
The Austrian authorities had already launched a probe after images emerged in April showing children in a Turkish-funded mosque playing dead and re-enacting the World War I battle of Gallipoli. The photos of children, published by the weekly Falter, showed the young boys in camouflage uniforms marching, saluting, waving Turkish flags and then playing dead. Their “corpses” were then lined up and draped in flags.
Turkish Islamists’ understanding of religious freedoms is limited to freedom for the Islamic cause only. Their understanding of religious pluralism is limited to defending pluralism in Muslim-minority lands—and majoritarianism in Muslim-majority lands.
Muslim leaders complain of travel bans on some Muslim nations, but some Muslim countries have travel bans against other Muslims, in addition to banning Israelis.
In a 2017 report, Turkey’s Association of Protestant Churches noted that hate speech against the country’s Christians had increased in both the traditional media and social media. Hate speech against Protestants, the report said, had persisted throughout 2016, in addition to physical attacks on Protestant individuals and their churches.
Andrew Brunson, an American pastor, has been in a Turkish jail for more than a year and a half on spurious charges of terrorism and espionage. He faces up to 35 years in prison.
In Saudi Arabia deportation and a lifetime ban is the minimum penalty for non-Muslims trying to enter the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. In 2013, the Saudi Minister of Justice, Mohamed el-Eissi, insisted that “the cradle of the Muslim sanctities will not allow the establishment of any other places of worship”.
The Saudis ban non-Muslim religious houses of worship. This ban comes from a Salafi tradition that prohibits the existence of two religions in the Arabian peninsula. Under the Saudi law all citizens must be Muslims; there is no legal protection for freedom of religion; and the public practice of non-Muslim religion is prohibited.
In Iran, where even non-Muslim female visitors must wear the Islamic headscarf, the government continues to imprison, harass, intimidate and discriminate against people based on their religious beliefs. A 2014 U.S. State Department annual report noted that non-Muslims faced “substantial societal discrimination, aided by official support”.
Also in Iran, marriages between Muslim women and non-Muslim men are not recognized; the government does not ensure the right of citizens to change or renounce their religious faith. Furthermore, apostasy, specifically conversion from Islam, can be punishable by death. In 2013, 79 people from religious minorities were sentenced to a total of 3,620 months in prison, 200 months of probation, 75 lashes and 41 billion rials in fines [approximately $1.3 million].
Enter Erdoğan’s Turkey again. The U.S. State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report 2017, released this year, found that:
[The Turkish government’s] Presidency of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) governs and coordinates religious matters related to Islam. Its mandate is to promote and enable the practice of Sunni Islam.
The government continued to prosecute individuals for “openly disrespecting the religious belief of a group” and continued to limit the rights of non-Muslim minorities, especially those not recognized under the 1923 Lausanne Treaty.
The government continued to treat Alevi Islam as a heterodox Muslim “sect,” and continued not to recognize Alevi houses of worship.
The government closed two Shia Jaferi television stations based on allegations of spreading “terrorist propaganda.”
Religious minorities said they continued to experience difficulties obtaining exemptions from mandatory religion classes in public schools, operating or opening houses of worship, and in addressing land and property disputes.
The government restricted efforts by minority religious groups to train their clergy.
The legal challenges of five churches, whose lands the government expropriated in 2016, continued; members of the churches said they still did not have access to their buildings.
The government did not recognize the right to conscientious objection to military service.
Alevis continued to face anonymous threats of violence. Threats of violence by ISIS and other actors against Jews, Protestants, and Sunni Muslims also continued.
Anti-Semitic discourse continued, as some pro-government news commentators continued to publish stories seeking to associate the 2016 coup plotters with the Jewish community.
These commentators also sought to associate the Orthodox ecumenical patriarch with the coup attempt.
Unidentified assailants vandalized some Protestant, Orthodox, Catholic, and Alevi places of worship, including marking red “X”s on the doors of 13 Alevi homes and attacking a Protestant church in Malatya.
Erdoğan, who spoke of a war between the cross and the crescent because the Austrian government closed down seven mosques, does not seem to bother with any of those visible, documented cases of religious discrimination against non-Muslims and against Islam’s minority sects. 
This is vintage Erdoğan: Europe must treat its Muslim minorities well and with respect, or we will fight a holy war; for non-Muslim minorities in our Muslim lands, we give them two choices: convert to Islam or suffer the persecution.

Turkey held Sunday’s elections under a state of emergency declared after a failed military coup in July 2016. This state restricts some freedoms and allows the government to bypass parliament with decrees. Both Erdogan and Ince have said they will lift the state of emergency as president. Erdogan blamed the coup on his former ally, U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, and has waged a sweeping crackdown on his followers in Turkey, detaining some 160,000 people, according to the United Nations.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling AK Party took a comfortable lead in Turkey’s presidential and parliamentary elections on Sunday, according to preliminary partial results, boosting the president’s hopes of extending his 15-year rule.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Recep Tayyip Erdogan is an enemy of Israel  in particular as well as being an enemy of freedom in general. The election he and his minions the AK Party won today are not exactly what you might call a ‘free and fair’ election result. Erdogan views himself more as a messianic religious leader than a political one, even going so far as to say he wanted to model his ruling style after that of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. Many Christians believe that Erdogan could be the Antichrist. I don’t know if I would go that far, but, he sure has a lot of Antichrist-like moves and moments. The only thing stopping Erdogan from becoming a full-blown dictator is the fact that Turkey has no natural resources and as such remain dependant on financial and economic relationships with the West who would immediatly apply crippling sanctions if he were to take Turkey fully rogue. But if Erdogan ever gets that piece of the puzzle figured out, then it will be Germany 1933 all over again
The initial results had been expected to give Erdogan and his Islamist-rooted party a strong lead and it was expected to shorten as more votes are tallied across the nation of 81 million people. But an AK Party official said the party expected Erdogan to win more than the required 50 percent to avoid a second round runoff. An unexpectedly strong showing by the AK Party’s alliance partner, the nationalist MHP, could also mean Erdogan securing the parliamentary majority he seeks to govern freely.
Sunday’s vote ushers in a powerful new executive presidency long sought by Erdogan and backed by a small majority of Turks in a 2017 referendum. Critics say it will further erode democracy in the NATO member state and entrench one-man rule.
With 70 percent of votes counted in the presidential race, Erdogan had 55 percent, ahead of his closest rival, Muharrem Ince, of the main opposition, secularist Republican People’s Party (CHP), on 29 percent, broadcasters said.
However, an opposition election platform which is doing its own vote tally based on results gathered by its observers at polling stations gave Erdogan only 43.5 percent and Ince 33.9 percent, based on nearly 12 percent of overall votes cast.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling AK Party took a comfortable lead in Turkey’s presidential and parliamentary elections on Sunday, according to preliminary partial results, boosting the president’s hopes of extending his 15-year rule.
How Recep Tayyip Erdogan Came To Power In Turkey
In the parliamentary contest, the AK Party had 45 percent and its MHP ally nearly 12 percent, based on 61 percent of votes counted, broadcasters said. The CHP had 21 percent and the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) 9.7 percent.
Both the AK Party official and an HDP lawmaker said they expected the HDP to exceed the 10 percent threshold to enter parliament. Turnout nationwide was high at around 87 percent for both contests, the state broadcaster said.
CHP party spokesman Bulent Tezcan criticised state media coverage of the election results, saying they were trying to manipulate the public’s perception of the results in order to demoralise Erdogan’s opponents and encourage election monitors to stop scrutinising the counting of votes.
Tezcan said the CHP’s own voting tally suggested that support for Erdogan remained below the 50 percent required to win the presidency in the first round.
Opposition parties and NGOs have deployed up to half a million monitors at ballot boxes to ward against possible electoral fraud. They have said election law changes and fraud allegations in the 2017 referendum raise fears about the fairness of Sunday’s elections.
Erdogan said there had been no serious voting violations.
“Turkey is staging a democratic revolution,” he told reporters after casting his own vote in Istanbul on Sunday. “With the presidential system, Turkey is seriously raising the bar, rising above the level of contemporary civilisations.”
Erdogan, the most popular but also divisive leader in modern Turkish history, argues the new powers will better enable him to tackle the nation’s economic problems – the lira has lost 20 percent against the dollar this year – and crush Kurdish rebels in southeast Turkey and in neighbouring Iraq and Syria.
Investors would welcome the prospect of a stable working relationship between the president and the new parliament, although they also have concerns about Erdogan’s recent comments suggesting he wants to take greater control of monetary policy.
Erdogan has declared himself an “enemy of interest rates”, raising fears he will pressure the central bank to cut borrowing costs after the election despite double-digit inflation.
He brought forward the elections from November 2019, but he reckoned without Ince, a former physics teacher and veteran CHP lawmaker, whose feisty performance at campaign rallies has galvanized Turkey’s long-demoralised and divided opposition.
Turkey held Sunday’s elections under a state of emergency declared after a failed military coup in July 2016. This state restricts some freedoms and allows the government to bypass parliament with decrees. Both Erdogan and Ince have said they will lift the state of emergency as president.
Erdogan blamed the coup on his former ally, U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, and has waged a sweeping crackdown on his followers in Turkey, detaining some 160,000 people, according to the United Nations.
The president’s critics, including the European Union which Turkey still nominally aspires to join, say Erdogan has used the crackdown to stifle dissent. Erdogan says his tough measures are needed to safeguard national security. source



The Israel Defense Forces launched a Patriot interceptor missile at a drone that was heading toward Israeli airspace from Syria, prompting the incoming unmanned aerial vehicle to beat a retreat, the army said.
“As a result, the aircraft fled from the border. No interception was reported,” the army said in a statement.
The drone was being used as part of the Syrian military’s activities in the Quneitra region, near the Israeli Golan Heights, a commander in the coalition supporting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad later told the Reuters news service.
The IDF did not immediately identify the operator of the drone.
The military said its systems spotted the incoming aircraft and fired at it before the UAV reached the border.
“The IDF will not allow a violation of the aerial sovereignty of the State of Israel and will take action against any attempt to harm its citizens,” the army said.
Residents of northern Israel quickly began sharing photographs and videos showing the white trail left behind, apparently by the Patriot launch.
In recent days, fighting has intensified near Israel’s border with Syria, as dictator Bashar Assad’s forces, aided by the Russian military, move in on one of the last remaining areas of rebel-controlled territory in the country.
On Sunday, intensive clashes were reported near the southern Syria city of Daraa, with dozens of airstrikes that local activists said were carried out by the Russian air force.


Russia bombed rebel-held parts of southern Syria late Saturday for the first time since brokering a ceasefire there nearly a year ago, a monitor group said, as allied regime troops prepare a ground assault.
Southern Syria is a strategic prize for local and global players involved in the country’s convoluted seven-year war.
After securing the capital Damascus, Syrian President Bashar Assad appears keen to recapture the southern provinces of Daraa and Sweida, still mostly held by rebels.
He has sent military reinforcements there for weeks, dropped flyers demanding rebels surrender, and escalated bombardment in recent days.
Late Saturday night, his Russian allies bombed rebel-held towns in Daraa for the first time since the summer of 2017, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
“Intense Russian air strikes are hitting towns in Daraa’s eastern countryside for the first time since the ceasefire was agreed in southern Syria last year,” said Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman.
The Observatory said the warplanes used Saturday — based on type, location, munitions and flight patterns — had come from the Russian-operated Hmeimim base in coastal Syria.
The Britain-based monitor said at least 25 Russian strikes hit the rebel zones but did not have any casualty figures.
Russia, the United States, and Jordan agreed in July of last year on a de-escalation zone in rebel-controlled parts of southern Syria that would tamp down hostilities there.
Since then, Moscow’s warplanes — active in Syria since 2015 — had refrained from bombing rebel positions in the south.
But violence has been ratcheting up this week as Syrian government forces look to retake the south militarily.
Forces loyal to Assad began ramping up their airstrikes and artillery fire on the zone on Tuesday.
At least 19 civilians in rebel-held zones have died since then, according to the Observatory.


The IDF confirmed firing a Patriot missile towards an unmanned aerial vehicle approaching Israel’s Golan Heights from Syria on Sunday. 
“Air defense systems as well as detection systems identified the threat in advance and before it crossed into the country,” read a statement released by the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit adding that the military “will not allow for a violation of Israel’s aerial sovereignty and will act against any attempt to harm its citizens.” 
The drone was in engaged in ongoing operations by the Syrian army, a commander in the regional alliance supporting President Bashar Assad said.
The interception comes amid a large-scale offensive in the southwestern Syrian province of Dara’a aimed at recapturing the strategic areas bordering Jordan and the Golan Heights from rebels.
Over the weekend the Syrian army, backed by Russian airpower and Shiite militias, pounded the rebel-held areas causing thousands of civilians to flee to other opposition held areas along the Israeli and Jordanian borders.
The border with Syria has been tense since the war erupted in 2011, and Israel has stepped out  strikes against Iranian military targets in the war-torn country as well as against Hezbollah weapons convoys in Syrian territory.
Israeli officials have repeatedly voiced their concern about the entrenchment of Iran and its proxies such as Hezbollah entrenching themselves in Syria and in February an armed Iranian drone sent to to carry out a sabotage attack was downed by an Apache attack helicopter after it infiltrated into northern Israel after taking off from the T-4 airbase deep in the Syrian province of Homs 
Following the infiltration Israeli jets took off to strike the launch site of the drone as well as the drone control vehicle that guided the drone into Israeli territory and were met by massive Syrian anti-aircraft fire. Over 20 missiles were launched toward the Israelis jets from SA-5 and SA-17 batteries. Shrapnel from the Syrian anti-aircraft fire hit one Israeli F-16i causing it to crash in the lower Galilee.  Both pilots evacuated from the jet.
Israel has used Patriot missile batteries stationed in the north of the country to intercept drones infiltrating into Israeli airspace from Syria. 
In September an Iranian-built unmanned aerial vehicle that breached the “Bravo line” that marks the Syrian demilitarized zone, firing one Patriot anti-ballistic missile stationed near the northern city of Safed.
The previous year a Patriot missile intercepted a UAV that was believed to have been gathering intelligence for the Syrian regime. The system was also used in July 2016, when two Patriot missiles were fired at a suspicious drone that crossed into Israeli airspace from Syria. Both missed their targets and the unmanned aircraft returned to Syria.
Israel’s air defenses also include the Iron Dome, designed to shoot down short-range rockets and the Arrow system which intercepts ballistic missiles outside of the Earth’s atmosphere and the David’s Sling missile defense system is designed to intercept tactical ballistic missiles, medium- to long-range rockets, as well as cruise missiles fired at ranges between 40 to 300km.  


European Union leaders gather in Brussels on Sunday in an attempt to bridge their deep divisions over migration, an issue that has been splitting them for years and now poses a fresh threat to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Though arrivals across the Mediterranean are only a fraction of what they were in 2015, when more than a million people reached Europe, a recent opinion poll showed migration was the top concern for the EU’s 500 million citizens.
Under heavy pressure from voters at home, EU leaders have been fighting bitter battles over how to share out asylum seekers in the bloc.
Unable to agree, they have become more restrictive on asylum and tightened their external borders to let fewer people in. They have given money and aid to countries in Northern Africa and the Middle East to keep people from heading for Europe.
Only 41,000 refugees and migrants have made it to the EU across the sea so far this year, U.N. figures show.
But the issue has in the meantime won and lost elections for politicians across the bloc from Italy to Hungary, with voters favoring those advocating a tougher stance on migration.
On Saturday, French President Emmanuel Macron said France favored financial sanctions for EU countries that refuse migrants with proven asylum status.
Merkel is under pressure because her longtime conservative allies, Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU), have threatened to start turning away at the German border all asylum seekers already registered elsewhere in the EU unless the bloc reaches an agreement on distributing them more evenly.
They mostly live in countries like Greece and Italy – both long overwhelmed with arrivals – or wealthy states like Germany or Sweden, where they choose to try to start a new life.
The ex-communist states in the EU’s east led by Hungary and Poland have refused to host any of the new arrivals, citing security risks after a raft of Islamist attacks in Europe.
The bloc has been unable to break the deadlock, the bad blood spilling over to other areas of their cooperation, including crucial talks on the bloc’s next seven-year budget from 2021.
With Germany being the main contributor to the bloc’s joint coffers, the southern gateway countries were promised more money to handle migration, while the reluctant easterners face cuts in development aid.
Merkel is now pushing other EU states, including Italy, to do more on migration so that fewer people get to Germany and she can convince the CSU not to go ahead with their plan.
She opposes the idea by the CSU, which will face the anti-immigration AfD party in Bavarian elections in October, because it would mean rigid border controls inside what is normally the EU’s coveted control-free travel zone.
To placate the CSU, Merkel must get something from Sunday, arranged hastily among more than a dozen EU capitals, and also from the full summit of the bloc’s 28 leaders on June 28-29.
All EU leaders agree they must further curb immigration by working with third countries, though that often proves slow.
Berlin’s other idea is to send back those asylum seekers who make it to countries like Germany to the states of their first arrival, like Italy.
But Rome has already rejected measures that could see it handle even more people and the Sunday talks are all but certain to see the two countries clash.
In the mid-term, the EU is only going to become tougher on migration, something rights groups denounce as turning it into a “fortress” beyond reach for those less privileged.
The U.N. refugee agency chief Filippo Grandi reminded the bloc that the height of their migration crisis was back in 2015.
“Despite today’s dramatically lower arrival rates, the shockwaves of that event still reverberate – at the political level, and in the tendency toward restrictive, unilateral approaches that some European countries have pursued,” he said.
“EU policies on asylum can and should set an example on how to manage refugee situations with compassion and solidarity,” he added, urging the bloc to overcome its divisions to help those in need rather than focus on just winning the next election.
Europe’s Refugee Crisis – A Closer Look
How the US, Under Obama, Created Europe’s Refugee Crisis
The current US President, Donald Trump, claimed on June 18th, that Germany’s leadership, and the leadership in other EU nations, caused the refugee-crisis that Europe is facing:  
“The people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition. Crime in Germany is way up. Big mistake made all over Europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and violently changed their culture!”
The US Government is clearly lying about this. The US Government itself caused this crisis that Europeans are struggling to deal with. 
Would the crisis even exist, at all, if the US had not invaded and tried to overthrow (and in some instances actually overthrown) the governments in Libya, Syria, and elsewhere — the places from which these refugees are escaping? 
The US Government, and a few of its allies in Europe (the ones who actually therefore really do share in some of the authentic blame for this crisis) caused this war and government-overthrow, etc., but Germany’s Government wasn’t among them, nor were many of the others in Europe. 
If the US Government had not led these invasions, probably not even France would have participated in any of them. The US Government, alone, is responsible for having caused these refugees. The US Government itself created this enormous burden to Europe, and yet refuses to accept these refugees that it itself had produced, by its having invaded and bombed to overthrow (among others) Libya’s Government, and then Syria’s Government, and by its aiding Al Qaeda in organizing and leading and arming, jihadists from all over the world to come to Syria to overthrow Syria’s Government and to replace it with one that would be selected by the US regime’s key Middle Eastern ally, the Saud family, who own Saudi Arabia, including its Government, and who are determined to take over Syria. Trump blames Angela Merkel for — in essence — having been an ally of the US regime, a regime of aggression which goes back decades, and which Trump himself now is leading, instead of his ending, and of his restoring democracy to the United States, and, finally, thus, his restoring freedom (from America), and peace, to other nations, in Europe, and elsewhere (such as in Syria, Yemen, etc.). He blames Merkel, not himself and his predecessor — not the people who actually caused these refugees.
As the 2016 study, “An Overview of the Middle East Immigrants in the EU: Origin, Status Quo and Challenges” states in its Abstract:
“EU has the most inhabited immigrant population; it has up to a population of 56 million foreign-born people. And due to the perennial war and chaos in the Middle East, the amount of relocated population in the region, especially the number of refugees, ranks the No.1 all over the world. … There are a large number of refugees and asylum seekers heading to EU countries; it can be divided into four stages. Since the Arab Spring, especially after the outbreak of the civil war in Syria in 2011, and the rise of the “Islamic State” in 2013, the whole EU area have experienced the biggest wave of refugees since World War II.”
All of these invasions have been, and are, invasions of countries where the US regime demands regime-change.
Back at the start of the promised post-Cold-War period, in 1990, the US regime, under its then-President, George Herbert Walker Bush, privately and repeatedly agreed with the USSR regime, under its then-President Mikhail Gorbachev, to end the Cold War — agreed that NATO would not expand “one inch to the east” — that there would be no expansion of the US military alliance against the USSR (soon to become against Russia alone).
The US regime’s promise was that NATO would not take in and add to NATO’s membership, any of the countries that then were either in the USS.R’s military alliance the Warsaw Pact (Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Romania) or in USSR itself other than Russia (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan), except for the eastern part of Germany. The US regime simply lied. But the Russian Government followed through on all of its commitments. Russia was now trapped, by Gorbachev’s having trusted liars, whose actual goal turned out to be world-conquest — not peace.
Obama’s coup to grab Ukraine away from its previous neutrality and to make it immediately a neo-Nazi rabidly anti-Russian country, has destroyed Ukraine — not only from the standpoint of the EU, but (and click on the link if you don’t already know this) from the standpoint of the Ukrainian people themselves. Who wouldn’t want to leave there?
Europe’s enemy isn’t Russia’s aristocracy, but America’s aristocracy. It’s the billionaires who control America’s international corporations — not the billionaires who control Russia’s international corporations — it is specifically America’s billionaires; it is the people who control the US Government; these, and no Russians at all, are the actual decision-makers, who are behind bringing down Europe. In order for Europe to win, Europeans must know whom their real enemies are. The root of the problem is in the US, Europe’s now fake ‘ally’. Today’s America isn’t the America of the Marshall Plan. The US Government has since been taken over by gangsters. And they want to take over the world. Europe’s refugee-crisis is simply one of the consequences.
In fact, Obama had started, by no later than 2011, to plan these regime-change operations, in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine. But, in any case, none of the regime-change operations that caused the current unprecedented flood of refugees into Europe started because of what Europe’s leaders did (other than their cooperating with the US regime). Today’s American Government is Europe’s enemy, no friend at all, to the peoples of Europe. Trump’s blaming this crisis on Europe’s leaders isn’t just a lie; it is a slanderous one.

Criticize ‘child abuse’ on Facebook, get banned for ‘hate speech’
Posting a video on Facebook in which an adult is seen enthusiastically indoctrinating very young children in the wonders of being homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, a “gay icon,” or at the very least a “gay ally,” is just fine.
But criticizing the video on Facebook, however mildly, is “hate speech.”
That’s the bizarre message the social-media giant delivered to Robert A.J. Gagnon, Ph.D., former associate professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, who was blocked from Facebook for 24 hours for supposedly engaging in “hate speech” when he briefly criticized the shocking video.
In it, pro-homosexual Canadian television host Jessi Cruickshank promotes to young children “sexual diversity,” “coming out of the closet,” the importance of kids being “gay allies,” and even explains how she had questions about her own sexuality as a child when she watched, over and over, a nude Jodie Foster cavort onscreen.
The video was made by CBC Life, a taxpayer-funded subsidiary of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
It shows children in a room decorated birthday party-style with gay pride flags and rainbow balloons. Cruickshank begins, “Happy pride, everybody!”
Gagnon’s comments?
“This clip is about celebrating sexual perversity, not ‘sexual diversity.’ Brought to you by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Canadian equivalent to our PBS, paid for by tax dollars. No indoctrination or recruitment going on here (or on PBS), right? Any resemblance to Orwell’s Big Brother (or Kim Jong Un) is purely coincidental? It is a measure of how corrupt things have become that this woman is not vilified throughout Canada and legislators are not threatening to remove funding from the CBC. By the end the woman is talking to little children about [Jodie] Foster helping her to question her own sexuality as a child and about Foster’s nudity in a film.”
That, Facebook’s judge and jury decided, deserved a suspension.
Faithwire said the fact that the video is produced by the Canadian government, “while at the same time they are beginning to ban certain ‘offensive’ Bible verses, is certainly alarming.”
Laurie Higgins, cultural affairs analyst with the Illinois Family Institute, wondered what kind of “twisted person” makes a video telling “two 5-year-old girls and two 5-year-old boys” that she watched the movie “Nell” multiple times “in order to see actress Jodie Foster naked.”
That kind of person, she concluded, is Jessi Cruikshank.
“In a clownish, polka-dotted outfit and surrounded by rainbow balloons, she quizzes these five-year-olds on their understanding of homosexuality, ‘pride’ month, the importance of affirming homosexuality, and the meaning of the term ‘gay icons’ — you know, people like Neil Patrick Harris, Ricky Martin, Lady Gaga, Anderson Cooper, and Jodie Foster, all of whom she lists for the children. Cruikshank tells them that ‘gay pride’ is a celebration of ‘sexual diversity,’ a concept young children have no capacity to understand.”
Higgins charges that Cruikshank’s goals are not explanation, but “indoctrination.”
“She wallows in perverse delight that that these little ones know the terms ‘gay,’ ‘lesbian,’ ‘transgender,’ and ‘bisexual.’ She shows her delight in one little girl’s positive response to the idea of how ‘cool’ it would be to be raised in a fatherless home, cheering her on, saying ‘Yeah … so many advantages!’”
“This is a form of child abuse,” said best-selling author and WND Managing Editor David Kupelian. “It’s one thing for LGBT activists to push for their agenda, to fight for it in the courts, legislatures and public square. But for God’s sake, leave the children alone. I’ll say it again: This is child abuse. To indoctrinate and emotionally manipulate little kids, who cannot possibly understand what ‘sexual diversity’ or ‘transgender’ or ‘bisexual’ or ‘coming out’ mean, into parroting the left’s catechism and identifying as ‘gay allies’ is a new low.”
Higgins quipped that librarians from Minnesota likely would be “rejoicing” over the video. That’s because, as WND has previously reported, “Drag Queen Story Hours” have been held in various libraries, including in Minnesota. Again, specifically targeting young children.
As if that weren’t enough, children’s television programs have now been created on the theme of drag queens.
Set to debut June 28 is an animated show about “toddler drag queens” called “Drag Tots!” features voicing from “famous drag queens,” including RuPaul. Then there’s the Netflix cartoon “Super Drags.”
The new programming has advocates for children aghast.
“More than ever, parents need to be on top of what their children may be watching, because the days of innocent Saturday morning cartoons is officially over,” said Movieguide, noting, “Honestly, it’s been over for a while.”
The two new shows “are pushing cross-dressing lifestyles on children,” Movieguide said, calling “Drag Tots!” a “disturbing cartoon.”


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