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The LORD is faithful to all His covenant promises to Israel, the Church and His Creation. We look and pray for those promises and are quickened with faith, hope, and love. Great days are ahead in the fulfilling of the Gospel of the Kingdom. We can see God’s great covenant promises coming to pass for His firstborn Israel; therefore we are assured that our redemption is certain-the Lord Jesus Christ’s second coming is very near. “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction comes upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” 1 Thess. 5: 2-3 

As history reminds us, the Jewish people are again in the epicenter of controversy and are increasingly becoming the scape goat for the world’s woes. Also within the epicenter are Christians, with over 900,000 killed in the last ten years and Christian persecution pointing to the Great Tribulation. We rejoice that the great mystery of Godliness and the corresponding mystery of iniquity-lawlessness and rebellion against God, are coming to a climax. Yet in the midst of God’s righteous judgments we are sorrowful over the lost and pray for mercy.    

Almost seventy years ago, on November 29th, 1947 the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution that called for the creation of a Jewish state. Since then, there has been a converging of events bringing new relevance to many Old and New Testament prophecies. Is God the Father about to send Jesus to start His Second Coming? We hope and pray so every day. What greater event could be the catalyst for all the great things prophesied for the end of the Christian era?

As with all prophecy, fulfillment waits for God’s timing in His step by step master-plan of creation and redemption. It is truly a progressive vision. This was true of my heritage as a fifth generation Christian Zionist. In the 19th century, my forefathers prayed for and then recognized the beginning of the re-gathering of the Jewish people to their historic land of Israel. Today, we see God bringing His prophetic word to a new maturity and we are called afresh to stand for God’s promises for Israel. 

It is evident from the Scriptures and recent history that the restoration of the Jews to their own land is in successive stages. We have witnessed the first stage taking place before the second coming of Christ with a partial restoration. They have returned in great numbers not knowing Jesus and facing the evil hatred of their enemies. The next stage will be total, by the mighty hand of God and will take place in the final act of Christ’s second coming. Then will Israel be converted unto Him and “they shall look upon me whom they have pierced,” and they shall believe that Jesus is the Lord.  Zech. 12:10 

GOG AND MAGOG WAR – Ezekiel 38/39

The Lord has foretold us through the prophet Ezekiel what we have seen in the rebirth of Israel in remarkable clarity. From the 36th Chapter to the end of the book, it is one great prophecy concerning the restoration of the Jewish nation. It is in the middle of this prophecy that we see Gog coming up against them already living in their land. What is the goal of Gog and those in league with him? In Ezekiel 36:2 we see the boast of Israel’s enemies, the high places are ours in possession, it is Jerusalem, and the land of Israel. 

The Gog and Magog War, is in the birth throes of fulfilment right before our eyes. Please don’t misinterpret the current crisis in the Middle East as mere political moves. Most prophecy teachers agree that Russia will be the leading source of this confederacy of nations that will fulfil this part of the prophecy. Using the original names of nations, Ezekiel clearly describes Russia, Iran, Turkey and others aligned with them in this confederacy against Israel. “Gomer and all his bands, the house of Togarmah of the North quarters, Persia, Ethiopia and Libya, and many peoples with them,” Ezek. 38:5

Gog will come up against Jerusalem and be defeated by the righteous judgement of God. “Thus will I magnify myself, and sanctify myself; and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I AM the LORD.” Ezek. 38:23

There are many other prophecies which point out that this prediction concerning Gog has more to it than just the judgment of God on the armies Russia will bring against Israel. This war for Jerusalem contains within it a description of the final destruction which the Lord Jesus Christ Himself will execute upon the last enemy that comes against Israel in their own land. The last Antichrist will be this enemy and leader of the confederacy of all nations. He will not only be head of the lands depicted as ‘Magog’, but also be in control of all the area which has been occupied by the four great Monarchies foretold by Daniel.

The Word of the LORD is sure and modern Israel is proof that He will stand with Israel against all odds. Since their War of Independence, every time their enemies attacked them with the goal of destroying them, Israel received more of their land inheritance. Our God will get all the glory in this war and Israel will be miraculously saved like they were in 1948, 1967, 1973, and ever since.

Will America and Europe be part of this soon Gog and Magog war? The United Nations and the European Union are already complicit by their actions against Israel, so it is not hard to contemplate their not escaping some type of involvement. Their leading role in the recent U.N. 2334 vote led by America is all the proof one needs. 


American Christians supporting Israel voted mostly for Donald Trump. He was the best choice for America, compared to a continuation of Barak Obama’s policies if Hillary Clinton was elected. Many of us are thankful for the outcome of the election and believe God heard our prayers of repentance according to the ‘If my people’ theme of 2nd Chronicles 7:14. America and Israel have been given a reprieve from the diabolical anti-Christian and anti-Israel policies enacted by Barak Obama. Yet many Christians, including myself, have good reason to be cautious and are not letting down our guard.

Donald Trump is a man of great human pride and he does not represent a revival. Those who are wondering about where Israel may end up with a President Trump peace plan should take heed. His America first and prosperity message are a big part of his populous appeal. In turn, he has gathered around him many Christians, some of whom hold Dominion Theology ideas which teach deceptive interpretations of Scripture. The main error of Dominion-ism affects how one views Christ’s Second Coming. It promotes the old idea that the Church will take control of the nations and then Jesus will be able to return.

Will President Trump successfully move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and will God allow his policies in the Middle East to put off the Gog & Magog War to a later time? Mix that with Trump’s deal making expertise and we may end up with a modified plan for a two state solution. Trump really believes he can bring a lasting peace. He has appointed his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to be a senior cabinet advisor with the job of brokering a new peace agreement. Kushner is married to his daughter, Ivanka Trump, who went through a vigorous conversion in 2009 in order to marry Mr. Kushner an Orthodox Jew. They observe Shabbat, keep Kosher and worship at an Orthodox synagogue in New York City. President Trump said to Kushner, “If you can’t produce peace in the Middle East, nobody can.” We can reply that a lasting peace will not come until Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace reigns from Jerusalem.  


The prosperity and safety message of the Trump presidency and the national stirrings within the nations of Europe are not enough to deter God’s righteous judgements. There has only ever been one message that brings true revival and that is our turning back to Christ in true repentance. The truth is, the antichrist crowd is regrouping and will march with a vengeance in the near future. We the Church are not facing the real issues of our departure from God. It is obvious that many in the Church are more ready to welcome Christ’s greatest imposter than our Savior Jesus. We have left the Lord and His principles and are asleep to our real situation – we are the epitome of the Laodicea church.

The Lord Jesus Christ is coming “as a thief in the night” and great judgments are on the horizon for all those who ignore God’s promises for Israel and the Gospel of the Kingdom.


The promise of peace and safety can lull us to sleep unless we stay spiritually alert. During this time of reprieve it is important that we redeem the time in prayer and dedication for God’s work. While we pray with the spirit, we have to pray with the understanding also, and our attitude and behavior must make God’s answer possible.

It is sure that the enemies of Israel and the Church are not going to be silent. The United Nations’ anti-Semites are always looking for their next attack. Israel knows this full well, it is never the question of IF there will be another attack or war, but WHEN? We as the Lord’s watchmen must keep vigilant with the same alertness.

Prayer Points for the Peace of Jerusalem: 

  • To speak the truth in love as we speak up for Israel and the hope within us.
  • To stand firmly for the Jewish people and their returning to Israel.
  • For the Lord to confuse world leaders who ignore God’s promises for Israel.
  • For Christians and Jews to see the folly of a two state solution for peace.
  • For the Lord’s grace and protection for Palestinian Christians. 
  • For God’s mercy on today’s Laodicea Church that we may find true repentance.
  • For God the Father to send His Son, Jesus Christ.    


  • In the Blessed Hope of the Church and the Peace of Jerusalem.

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