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WEBPAGE ADMINISTRATOR:   Although this video is 2 yrs old, it is extremely relevant for today, all the events that lead up to the Psalm 83 War (As listed below) are currently transpiring in the Middle East. This war will enable Israel to get back it’s God given land as promised by God; It is a War that has to happen, not just because it has been prophesied in the Bible, but because it is all part of the “End Time Scenario”; It also is a catalyst to prelude the 7 year Tribulation Period as prophesied in the Bible Revelation 6-22. Additionally it is a very strong possibility that the Rapture of Jesus Christ Church will occur either before, at, during, or just after the Psalm 83 War, and remember the Peace Treaty that is being continually discussed lately, well it is also believed that it will be signed as a 7 year peace Treaty after the Psalm 83 War. P.s. This is War that will happen quickly, and overnight, and VERY soon.
About the time of the end the biblical prophet Ezekiel tells of a future invasion of Israel by a vast coalition of nations, known as the battle of Gog and Magog, we find this in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. As we read the headlines in the newspapers of today, and witness the conflicts in the Middle East, it’s not hard to imagine that this invasion prophesied over 2600 years ago, could be fulfilled in the immediate future. Ezekiel 36-37 predicts a gathering of the Jews to the nation of Israel, which will be followed by this massive invasion. For 19 centuries, the Jewish people were scattered throughout the world, and until May 14, 1948, there was no nation of Israel to invade. With the nation of Israel now a reality, the stage seems set for the war that will usher in the tribulation and the rise of the Antichrist; a war that will end with the destruction of Israel’s enemies by God Himself, and lead to the signing of a peace treaty with the Antichrist. As you read Ezekiel 38 and 39, it isn’t just the creation of the nation of Israel that makes this prophecy seem likely to be fulfilled in the near future. The nations that God tells us will form this coalition against Israel seem more likely now than perhaps ever before to form just such an alliance.” The leaders of this coalition will be Russia and Iran, and currently both of these nations are right on Israel’s doorstep, under the pretence of battling ISIS in Syria. I believe that there are a couple of unfulfilled prophecies that will lead-up to this massive invasion of Israel, and as we read today’s headlines, we find that the fulfilment of these two prophesied events, could happen very soon!


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